Avoid the Perils of Online Fundraising- Part 2: Advice for Donors and Backers

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There are several worthy online fundraising campaigns that are seeking donations, but how do you decide which ones to make a donation to? It has become quite normal for charities, artists and several other groups to attempt to raise money online by using services such as DonationTo.com. Each of these online fundraising campaigns has the potential to become successful, but this can only happen if people such as yourself join in on their cause. In order to feel truly good about your donation, and not like you are simply gambling with your money, you should consider the following points before you select which fundraisers to donate online to.

Don’t let the risk of choosing a charity or cause prevent you from helping someone reach their goals

Problem #1: Some donors have felt burned in the past by donating to an inexperienced fundraiser or charity project. It is important to note that a slick or exciting video presentation does not ensure success.

Solution #1: Before you donate online to a fundraiser, make sure that you spend time researching the project. There are many exciting fundraising ideas available for donors, but the sad truth is that not all of these projects will actually come to fruition. If you want to protect your investment, then it is best to look for projects that are backed by experienced individuals who know how to fundraise.

The best way to protect your donation investment is by seeking out projects that were developed by people who have already hosted at least one successful fundraising campaign. You should also keep an eye out for projects that have been developed by professionals working within the industry that the fundraiser will support. For example, if a well-known director has never put together a fundraiser before, you can still probably feel confident in backing his attempt at collecting funds for his next movie. Just remember that anyone has the ability to raise money online, so you should make sure that you know exactly what you are pledging money towards. This does not mean that you should never give someone who is still learning how to fundraise a chance, but you might feel more comfortable about it if you pick someone who you know. If you are unsure about how to find a quality fundraiser to back, then you should utilize your contacts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Problem #2: Many donors expect a great new product as a final reward.

Solution #2: Most people believe that when they donate to a project that something concrete will eventually come out of it. The truth, however, is that the creative process can get bogged down in a lot of unforeseen issues, and many projects never actually reach a state of completion. It is best to alter your ideas about fundraising if you are interested in becoming a donor. What you are actually purchasing with your donation is the opportunity to help someone’s creative process, along with whichever reward they are offering for donations. Keep in mind that they are under no restriction to actually provide a quality reward or a completed project. If you are only interested in backing a project that will definitely be completed, then you need to donate only to those who have proven themselves multiple times. For those who are newer to fundraising, you should investigate whether or not they are being realistic with the amount of money that they are seeking. If the bar is set too low, it is unlikely that the project will ever actually be completed. You can research similar projects by looking at other fundraisers hosted by DonationTo.com.

There are countless people who have fundraising ideas, but if you want to make sure that their project will come to fruition, then you should back only those who have a good track record of producing solid results. Keep in mind that even a fully funded campaign is not a guarantee that the project will be completed, but you will usually get some type of reward for your donation. Although there are some risks to online fundraising, recent studies have proven that it can be very effective and that it is becoming increasingly popular everyday. If you are working on developing your own fundraiser, be sure to check out DonationTo.com.

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