Crowdfund For Typhoon Yolanda Haiyan

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Natural disaster fundraising is one of the best ways to assist after a serious incident such as the typhoon that struck the Philippines. In fact, there are already several fundraising for Haiyan campaigns that have been launched via our platform, and we are committed to making it easy to collect as many contributions as possible. To help us reach this goal, we enable each of our users to avoid paying for any additional credit card processing fees. Our users are also able to keep 100 percent of the money that they raise. This will help people rebuild Philippines cities and houses, and this is one of the main reasons that so many people have begun crowdfunding for Haiyan relief via our platform.

One of the best things about using DonationTo as your natural disaster crowdfunding resource is that it does not require any specific technical skills. In fact, even novices can launch their fundraising for Philippines page in less than five minutes. Because of this, people around the world are able to easily assist during a natural disaster. We are proud of our proven fundraising history, and we look forward to hosting your crowdfunding for Philippines campaign. If you would rather make a contribution to a pre-existing campaign, there are several fundraisers currently available via our platform.

Disaster Relief for Tacloban

The entire world has felt the impact of watching the horrific images that come out of the typhoon, but it has been particularly difficult for Suzette Ybanez to watch the struggle from the U.S. because she is a Filipino physical therapist. Suzette is currently working in the U.S., and she made the decision to launch a fundraising for Haiyan campaign in order to help rebuild Philippines cities and provide much-needed supplies such as food and water.

Suzette turned to DonationTo as her natural disaster crowdfunding resource. Within just a couple of days, Suzette was able to exceed her fundraising for Philippines goal. In fact, she has already raised almost $1,400 for her cause. Although the entire region needs assistance, Suzette has decided to send all of the donations that she collects to the survivors in Northern Cebu. By partnering with DonationTo, Suzette’s natural disaster fundraising campaign has already become a big success. This is due to the fact that DonationTo makes it easy for people to donate 24/7 from any web enabled device. With almost a month left in her fundraiser, it is almost certain that Suzette will be able to at least double her initial goal.

Comments about Crowdfunding for Hayain Relief

We believe that it is important for donors to be able to leave a comment with their contribution. After all, everyone likes to make their thoughts known, and it is also important for the fundraising host to receive support from their contributors. V&B Brisbane Australia left a prime example of the power of supportive comments:

“Prayers for all the victims. Let the aid keep coming. God bless everyone.”

This comment highlights why the donors decided to make a contribution to this campaign, and it also helps encourage other potential donors to do the same thing. Additionally, comments of this type provide support for the fundraising host, and this can encourage them to continue their efforts. Therefore, we are providing a comments feature for every crowdfunding for Philippines campaign.

The Latest Typhoon Updates

Although the news has been very grim since the typhoon struck, the latest update from the Philippines president indicates that the death toll may actually be lower than originally feared. However, the latest estimate is 2,500 people, and this is still a devastating loss of life. Sadly, it is also now believed that more than 673,000 people were displaced by the storm, and getting assistance to all of these people is a Herculean task. Fortunately, people around the world have initiated crowdfunding for Haiyan campaigns, and this is providing some much-needed financial assistance.

The latest fatality estimate is definitely an improvement over the original numbers, but there are still 29 municipalities that have not been accounted for. Because of this, it is difficult to determine what the final number will actually be. At this time, the most important thing to focus on is finding survivors and providing them with access to fresh water, food and medical supplies. Tragically, the relief efforts have been hindered by weather conditions and a lack of fuel.

Tacloban was one of the hardest hit regions. This province has approximately 220,000 residents, and the area is dealing with a massive number of fatalities and injuries, along with looting incidents. Because of this, residents of this area feel like they had been deserted by their government. Unfortunately, the government that was stationed in this region was virtually wiped out by the typhoon. However, a centralized government is currently making attempts to restore order to this entire region.

According to police, looters recently stole 100,000 bags of rice. This highlights the issues that the region is currently experiencing. In fact, experts believe that this might be preventing humanitarian groups from being able to offer any assistance. Hopefully this situation will be brought under control very soon so that the victims of this natural disaster can begin receiving the food, water and medical supplies that they so desperately need.


It is difficult for anyone to watch the devastating footage out of the Philippines without feeling inspired to help. Fortunately, there are several fundraising campaigns currently in progress that will help you make a contribution to the people in need. For example, Suzette is raising money to help pay for food and water for people in one of the hardest hit areas. DonationTo is proud to provide a crowdfunding platform to help Suzette and other individuals who choose to raise money for Philippines relief.

To make it easier for each fundraising host to hit their goal, we will enable them to avoid paying for any additional credit card processing fees. We also make it easy to keep every penny that is donated. Because of this, people around the world have utilized our services for a wide variety of fundraising events. We also place an emphasis on making it easy to launch a crowdfunding campaign. For example, even a computer novice can easily launch their page in less than five minutes. If you have been considering launching a natural disaster crowdfunding campaign, we would be happy to assist you with this process.

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