Crowdfunding For Sean Sidi Missing Person – Phase 1

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Crowdfunding is one of the best ways to raise money quickly for a wide variety of reasons, including offsetting the cost of searching for a missing person. By selecting DonationTo as your donation website, you will be able to collect online donations 24/7 from supporters via WePay and PayPal. Additionally, we enable each user to keep 100 percent of the money that is donated, and you can avoid paying extra credit card processing fees. Even if you do not know how to crowdfund, DonationTo will make it easy to get your campaign launched quickly.

Search for Sean Sidi


Sean Sidi suffered from a traumatic brain injury earlier this year, and this means that he could easily become disoriented. Sadly, Sean disappeared on May 21 in San Francisco, and his family has still not heard from him. Although the police are working on the case, it is almost always necessary for the family of a missing person to become closely involved in order to help bring their loved one home. Because of this, Sean’s family launched a fundraising campaign one week after his disappearance to raise money to pay for a private investigator, radio announcements, newspaper ads and missing person flyers.

Due to Sean’s recent medical issue, he is required to take medication. Unfortunately, he has not had access to his pills since the day he went missing. Therefore, his health is at risk, and this makes it even more crucial for him to be located right away. Sean has a solid history of staying in regular contact with his family, but his traumatic brain injury may have caused him to become confused about his identity. You can read more about the story at SF Appeal.


The cost of aggressively searching for a missing person is astronomical. Fortunately, the Sidi family was able to raise more than $27,000 in only six weeks. Although the family is still looking for Sean, the online donations that they have received have made the process much easier. In many similar cases, missing people have been safely returned to their family because someone saw a flyer. Therefore, using a donation website to crowdfund for assistance with the printing and distribution of flyers is definitely a good idea.

NamUs Website


The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) website provides a useful tool for people who find themselves in the same position as the Sidi family. The website can be used to search for information about a missing person, and it can also be used to add new cases, create a missing person flyer, add new information to an existing case file and track multiple cases at once.

Sean Sidi’s case is a good example of how the NamUs website can be used. By searching for his name, you will find Sean’s picture, height, weight, age, ethnicity and the date that he was last seen. The site also contains very specific information that would make it easy to identify Sean, such as the fact that he has titanium screws in his left wrist and head. As you can see, NamUs definitely makes it easy for families to spread the word about their missing loved ones.


When Sean Sidi disappeared on May 21, his family launched a crowdfunding campaign. By raising more than $27,000 in six weeks, the family has been able to hire a private investigator, place multiple ads and print thousands of flyers. Without the fundraising process, it would be almost impossible for most families to raise enough money to effectively search for a missing person. Therefore, DonationTo is a wise choice, because we enable all users to avoid paying for additional credit card fees, and you will also be able to keep all of the money that is donated.

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