Crowdfunding for the Arts

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Crowdfunding is a very viable way to raise money for a good cause. For example, many artists have used the Internet to collect donations to help them bring their vision to life. Additionally, theater companies and other large artist groups have been able to crowdfund to help them with several necessary expenses. Although it is possible to ask people to make donations in person, most fundraising campaigns are more successful when they are hosted online.


In order to raise money for an artistic endeavor or any other long-term fundraising event, you can easily utilize DonationTo. We provide each fundraiser with a unique page, and we also provide several tools to make it easy to learn how to crowdfund. One of the biggest perks of using DonationTo is that you will be able to keep 100 percent of the money that you raise, and we also enable you to avoid additional credit card fees. Therefore, you can truly put every cent that you raise into the cause, and this will make it much easier to reach your goal. DontationTo is pleased to work with PayPal and WePay, and this makes it easy for anyone to donate online 24/7 from any web-enabled device.

Out of Box Theatre Company Fundraiser

The Out of Box Theatre provides actors and audiences with a unique way to experience several productions a year. When the group first started, they used empty and alternative spaces on a temporary basis, but they were recently able to sign a lease at the Artisan Resource Center. The organizers of the Out of Box Theatre are committed to fully utilizing this new space, and they have asked their supporters to help them fully realize this goal. Within six weeks, the group has raised more than $3,150, and this money will be used to purchase a new laptop to assist with the lighting and sound, renovate the existing lighting grid and pay for several relatively inexpensive items such as light bulbs and scripts.

Jill and Perry Patrick wrote – 

“You guys are doing such terrific work! Thanks for bringing new, refreshing theater to the Marietta and Atlanta area.”

Out of Box Theatre chose DonationTo as their crowdfunding platform because they were able to launch their fundraiser in less than five minutes. Additionally, the theater group needed to maximize their financial potential, and they understood that accepting online donations would make it easier for them to get a larger quantity of people involved. After all, anything on the Internet can go viral, and DonationTo provides a social networking integration tool to make the entire process go more smoothly.


Artistic fundraisers tend to be long-term projects. Fortunately, DonationTo makes it easy for everyone to track the crowdfunding progress by providing a constantly updated running tally of donations. It is also easy to maximize your donations because you will be able to avoid paying any additional credit card fees, and you can keep 100 percent of the money that you raise. This set up has helped Out of Box Theatre get very close to their goal in a short period of time, and they are likely to cross the finish line very soon.

Although it is possible for an artistic group to use old-fashioned fundraising techniques, none of them have been proven to be as successful as asking for online donations. After all, having the ability to donate online with a credit card 24/7 is simply more convenient, and this will make a big difference in your final total.

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