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Landon Fundraiser To Fight Leukemia

Most Americans are only one medical crisis away from dealing with serious financial issues, even if they have good health insurance. Unfortunately, the costs associated with conditions such as leukemia are astronomical, and this can make it seem almost impossible to properly care for someone in need.

The good news is that the DonationTo fundraising platform has already helped numerous people worldwide with similar issues, and anyone can create and launch a page within just a few moments. As soon as your page has been published, you will be able to begin receiving online donations from family, friends and kind strangers.

Landon’s Story

On January 16, 2015, Landon’s family found out that the six-year-old was most likely suffering from leukemia. Shortly after the first physician raised this possibility, the young boy was conclusively diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. To make matters even worse, Landon is unfortunate enough to have been born with the Philadelphia chromosome, and this makes the leukemia harder to treat.

Landon’s parents first realized that something was wrong when the normally very active boy woke up on January 8, 2015, complaining of feeling dizzy, nauseated and fatigued. That evening, Landon ended up in the hospital and was diagnosed with strep throat. Treatment for this condition did not make the necessary improvements in the boy’s condition, and he ended up feeling much worse as time passed.

As the family waited anxiously for a planned doctor’s appointment, it became clear that Landon needed additional medical help. This led to him being taken back to the hospital on January 16. This time, the ER staff arranged transportation to the El Paso Children’s Hospital, and that is where the leukemia was discovered.

It is now necessary for Landon to undergo extensive medical treatment, and a 10-day supply of his medication costs $8,000. To help offset some of these expenses, the family launched an online fundraising campaign. More than $6,500 has already been raised, but every penny counts. Fortunately, donors can choose to cover the minimal processing fee so that the family receives 100 percent of the intended contribution.

The Comfort of Kind Words

It is very difficult for any family to go through this type of medical emergency, and Landon’s parents need emotional support just as much as the financial assistance that they are looking for. To help with this portion of their needs, DonationTo has added a comments feature to their crowdfunding page. Every person who donates will get the option to leave a comment as well, and this can provide some much-needed solace.

Cathy Dean was one of the many people who took advantage of the opportunity to post some kind words. Cathy’s $25 donation was accompanied by the following:

“Rich and Michelle, I so enjoyed the times I spent with your family. It was great seeing you all so close and full of love. I will keep Landon in my prayers and hope he gets better quickly.”

Sometimes, the best thing that people can do is let us know that they are there for us. Cristalle Pantoja demonstrated her understanding of this need in her comment:

“Little Landon and your family are in our prayers. If you need anything at all, please know I’m here.” Combining a nice sentiment with a $100 donation helped the family financially and emotionally.

DonationTo is committed to making it as simple as possible to achieve your crowdfunding goals. Due to this, we have partnered with two highly respected and popular online payment processing companies: PayPal and WePay. You have the ability to make both of these options available to your supporters, and research indicates that this will increase your odds of hitting your goal. As an added bonus, PayPal can process debit and credit cards from people who choose not to create an account.

Another nice perk of selecting DonationTo as your crowdfunding resource is our extensive list of educational information and awareness tools. Even if you have never hosted a fundraiser before, you will be able to quickly learn the best techniques for hosting a successful campaign. Our one-click email feature and social networking integration tool make it a snap to share your page, and they will also help encourage others to make a contribution.


Medical treatment for a serious condition is never cheap, and even the best insurance can leave people needing some financial assistance. For example, Landon’s family has insurance, but they are still hit with costly co-pays. Additionally, Blue Cross Blue Shield originally turned down the physician’s request to pay for Landon’s necessary medication, which costs $8,000 every 10 days.

By turning to DonationTo, the family was able to quickly and easily build a fundraising page. They were given the ability to share Landon’s story, and they can also post images and videos to raise awareness. Each contributor is able to make a donation online via WePay or PayPal, and this money is made available in real time to the fundraising host. In other words, all of the money that is collected can be deposited into their bank account right away. This is by far the best way to keep paying for Landon’s medical bills in a timely manner, and it also removes a lot of the financial stress so that his parents can focus on other important matters.

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