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Mike Spence Fighting Cancer Fundraiser

Cancer affects millions of people every year, and the cost of receiving potentially life-saving treatment is typically very high. Fortunately, you can turn to an online fundraising website such as DonationTo in order to ask for some financial support.

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Mike Spence Fighting Cancer Fund


In late May, 2015, Mike Spence was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This immediately changed the focus of his life, and it also caused him to begin racking up a large amount of medical debt. Cancer is always an expensive disease, and even the best insurance is never going to cover everything.

In an effort to help out, Mike’s son created a with the intention of raising as much money as possible to offset the unexpected medical expenses. More than 100 people came together to raise $7,352, which made the financial aspects of Mike’s cancer easier to manage. Tragically, Mike’s valiant battle against cancer was ultimately unsuccessful, and he passed away six months ago.

Although the fundraiser and treatment was unable to save Mike, his family does not have as much of a financial burden to deal with thanks to the generosity of donors. This in itself is an important kindness that can make it easier to grieve the loss of a loved one. After all, the last thing that a family needs after losing someone is to be forced to rush back to work in order to pay for medical and funeral expenses.

Showing Support with Comments

We believe that one of the major donation website mistakes is failing to recognize the emotional needs behind each campaign. Therefore, we enable each donor to leave a comment along with their contribution. These words of support can be a great source of solace for the family, especially later on when people are less forthcoming with their feelings.

Heather McDevitt Barton understood how important kind words are during a tragic situation, and she made sure to let Mike’s son know that he had her support:

“Mike, I am sad beyond words. I cannot tell you how sorry I am for your loss. As much as it’s worth, I know what it’s like to lose your father and know that you are so very loved. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.”

Another donor understand the necessity for Mike’s son, who is also named Mike, to hear that his father was proud of him. Michelle’s kind words are certain to give Mike some much-needed comfort:

“Mike, I knew your dad, and he was always SO proud of you, his legacy to the world. You have done him proud already. I’m so sorry he has passed on. He was a good guy, I hope you and your family have happy memories of his life, along with the knowledge that he was cared about.”

Pancreatic Cancer FAQs

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult forms of cancer to recover from, even when it is caught early on. Part of the problem is that most symptoms do not present themselves until the cancer has already advanced past the first stage. Symptoms include weight loss, depression, jaundice, blood clots, loss of appetite and upper abdominal pain.

It is unknown what causes pancreatic cancer, but almost 50,000 Americans develop this disease each year. Tragically, 83 percent of pancreatic cancer patients will lose their life within five years of their initial diagnosis.

There are a few risk factors that increase your odds of developing pancreatic cancer, including obesity, having diabetes, smoking and chronic pancreatitis. It is also imperative to receive cancer screenings if you have a family history of this disease or the BRCA2 gene mutation. People who eat a healthy diet that contains whole grains and a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables are less likely to get cancer.


Whether you are trying to pay for medical bills or funeral expenses, a crowdfunding page is a good resource for connecting with people around the world. Be sure to steer clear of common mistakes raising money online by making your page easily accessible and sharing it via social media.

DonationTo’s platform is easy to use and comes equipped with important tools such as unlimited photo uploads and one click sharing. Putting time and energy into your campaign is one of the best ways to meet your goal, and our site makes it possible to get started without any previous experience or special technical skills.

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