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We are pleased to announce that our blog is being updated. Thanks to all the great support from our visitors, we will be relocating to make it easier for you to learn how to fundraise more effectively. Starting today, our new home will be By moving to the domain, we will be better situated to share new fundraising ideas with everyone who wants to host an online fundraising campaign. is now at – Fundraising Tips and More!

Those of you who have supported our blog will continue to receive the same high-quality information from our new home on the web. We are moving simply because it makes more sense to share the same domain name as Our blog posts will still focus on delivering information that will help you raise money online, and we will still place an emphasis on providing useful fundraising ideas.

By moving our blog closer to your DonationTo page will be more beneficial for newcomers who are leaning how to fundraise. The decision to move our blog was also prompted by the desire to make things easier for all of you. By having fundraising tips and lessons learn with less clicks to get to the information is an experience everyone will enjoy.

Now when you are ready to set up your next campaign, you can go straight to the domain to acquire new fundraising tips and set up your fundraising page from one centralized location. This will also make it easier for our regular fundraising organizers to help people learn all about how to raise money online.

Another perk of moving our blog to the domain is that it will make it easier for your donors to learn more about the entire process, too. In some cases, people want to read as much information as possible about both a fundraiser and the host website before they will feel comfortable enough to donate online. When they access the blog, they will see posts about successful fundraisers, along with a wealth of information about how the process of online fundraising works. It is our belief that the move will have an overall positive effect for everyone’s fundraisers by providing increased visibility to our blog.

We thank all of you who have supported our blog so far, and we are excited to share the news of our move with you. By joining the main domain at, our blog will be more visible for both fundraisers and donors who would like to learn more. We believe that this integration will make the entire process more user-friendly, and we anticipate that this move will help you host a more successful online fundraiser.

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Thanks again! From the DonationTo Team!!

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