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Effy’s Fight Against Leukemia saved over $700 using DonationTo paid accounts!

Crowdfunding for leukemia or any other serious medical condition can be made much easier if you turn to a donation website to assist you. For example, DonationTo has created a medical fundraising platform that will enable you to reach out to supporters around the world 24/7. Additionally, we have taken steps to ensure that it will be extremely easy for you to launch a campaign. For example, our website does not require any specific technical skills, and we also include several resources that will help you learn how to increase your odds of collecting enough donations for medical bills.

One of the best ways to ensure that each of the donations for leukemia that you receive will be put to good use is to turn to a donation website such as ours that does not enforce a large fee structure. In fact, we make it easy for each of our users to keep 100 percent of the money that they raise, and we will also enable you to avoid paying for any additional credit card processing fees.

Team Effy

Two-year-old Effy was diagnosed with leukemia on July 30, 2013. Because of this, she is now required to endure at least nine months of treatment at a medical facility that is located 90 minutes away from her family’s home. This has caused Effy’s mother to take a leave of absence from her full-time job, and it is now even more difficult for the family to keep up with their escalating medical bills. Therefore, they decided to reach out to all of their friends, coworkers and family members by launching a crowdfunding for leukemia page via DonationTo.

We are pleased to report that their medical fundraising efforts have already provided them with more than $12,000 in financial assistance. The family indicated on their page that it was not easy for them to ask people for support, but they also realized that they needed to do what was best for Effy and her younger brother. The family has more than three months left in their campaign, so it is highly likely that they will be able to exceed their targeted goal of $15,000. Although this money will not pay for everything, it will definitely help provide some much-needed relief for the financial burden that this unexpected medical condition has placed upon the family.

Leukemia FAQs

Unfortunately, leukemia is a common enough medical condition to impact more than 48,000 people a year in the U.S. alone. Leukemia patients come in all ages and genders, and almost 24,000 of them will lose their battle this year. However, early detection is one of the best ways to increase a patient’s odds of survival. Therefore, anyone who is exhibiting a combination of the most common leukemia symptoms should definitely go to a medical professional immediately. These symptoms include joint and bone pain, fatigue, weakness, swelling in the stomach, night sweats, frequent infections, decreased appetite, swollen lymph nodes and bleeding from the gums.

Types of Leukemia Treatments

Because leukemia comes in so many different forms, there are many different ways to treat it. Therefore, it is essential to work with a medical professional who has experience dealing with leukemia in order to ensure that you receive the proper treatment. Many leukemia patients are treated with a combination of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, biological therapy and targeted therapy.

Receiving Emotional Support and Donations for Leukemia


The financial aspect of battling a serious medical condition is only one of the factors that need to be considered. After all, it is very important for an ill individual to receive the necessary amount of emotional support. In fact, medical researchers indicated that patients who have a lot of emotional support are much more likely to successfully defeat their illness. Because of this, we made the decision to offer a comments feature for all of our fundraising pages. By doing this, we have enabled supporters to make donations for medical bills that are accompanied by some much-needed words of support. For example, Southgate House Devizes U.K. made a group donation of $1,220, and they also left a comment to let Effy know that they are rooting for her: “‘Thumbs Up Effy’. From all the staff at Southgate House (NHS Wiltshire).”

Allowing others to read comments can help encourage them to make a larger financial contribution. Michael Knoll stated his intention to raise more money for this worthy cause in his comment:

“Your daughter is a beauty, and I want to do whatever I can to support…I plan to start raising more from my closest friends…whether one dollar or many more it all counts…THUMBS UP cutie!!”

Comments like this one will definitely help provide the family with emotional reassurance while they are dealing with this difficult situation.


It is never easy to deal with any medical condition, but DonationTo can give you a much-needed resource to pay for all of the necessary treatments while also receiving emotional support. We are proud of the fact that we have helped thousands of people around the world raise money for worthy causes, and we have taken steps to ensure that our platform is easy enough for even a novice to use. In fact, you will not need to have any specific technical skill to launch a crowdfunding page.

DonationTo recognizes the fact that it is vital for you to be able to maximize every penny that you receive. Therefore, we enable each of our users to avoid paying for any additional credit card processing fees, and it is also easy to keep 100 percent of the funds that are donated. This helps to ensure that Effy’s family will be able to fully utilize the more than $12,000 that have been donated to date, and this makes it much easier for her mother to remain on a leave of absence from work. The family has also been able to receive some solace from all of the comforting comments that have been left by their contributors.

Our donation website DonationTo is hand of help to those who struggle in the fight against such diseases like leukemia. The crowdfunding is possible due to many supporters. One can learn how to crowd fund successfully for a medical cause without any technical skills.

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