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People around the world are interested in taking steps to help rebuild Philippines provinces, and we are proud to offer a natural disaster crowdfunding platform to assist with this goal. In fact, there have already been several fundraising for Haiyan campaigns launched via DonationTo, and this will help provide immediate assistance to people in need. One of the best things about using DonationTo as the host of your crowdfunding for Philippines relief page is that you will be able to access each donation as it comes in, so you do not have to wait until the end of your campaign to make a contribution to assist the cleanup effort.

Many similar pages charge exorbitant fees for collecting donations online. Fortunately, DonationTo has adopted a different approach. Because of this, you will be able to put 100 percent of the money that you raise toward the effort to rebuild Philippines houses and cities. Additionally, we enable all of our users to avoid paying for extra credit card processing fees, and this makes it even easier to hit your crowdfunding for Haiyan relief goal. As an added bonus, our platform is so easy to use that you do not need any special technical skills, and even a novice can launch a natural disaster fundraising page within five minutes.

Running for the Philippines

Mindy McQuivey spent 18 months doing missionary work in the Philippines 15 years ago, and her family has been on the waiting list to adopt a child from this region. Therefore, when the damage from the typhoon became apparent, Mindy was devastated, and she quickly came up with a fundraising for Philippines plan to coincide with her third marathon. On November 16, 2013, Mindy will participate in a marathon in Richmond, Virginia, and she has asked her family, friends and supporters to make an online donation to her crowdfunding for Haiyan relief page in honor of her upcoming run.

In order to expedite the funds that are raised during this natural disaster fundraising campaign, Mindy will be making a lump sum contribution to the Global Hunger Expedition as soon as her marathon is over. This non-profit group has the ambitious goal of providing 100,000 meals to people in the Philippines, and Mindy is attempting to raise $5,000 of the group’s $35,000 goal. Fortunately, her supporters had already contributed almost $5,100 in less than 72 hours, and this indicates that Mindy’s crowdfunding for Philippines campaign is a big success.

Fundraising for Haiyan Relief Comments

DonationTo firmly believes that it is useful for the fundraising host and all of their supporters to be able to post and read supportive comments throughout the campaign. Therefore, anyone who donates via one of our natural disaster crowdfunding pages will be able to leave a comment along with their contribution. For example, Mark and Diana Abbott took advantage of this feature to give Mindy some words of encouragement about her upcoming run:

“We’ll be thinking of you as you race on Saturday. You’ve got this! Much love to you and to the people of the Philippines.”

This comment perfectly illustrates the reason behind our decision to enable people to leave comments, and we know that it will provide some much-needed support to Mindy on the day of the marathon. As an added bonus, these comments can also help encourage viewers to open up their hearts and wallets to a worthwhile cause.

The Situation in the Philippines

November 14, 2013, marks the sixth day since the typhoon ravaged the Philippines, and rescue workers have indicated that they have still been unable to reach everyone who needs assistance. Sadly, the area is still being hit by storms, and there is also a gasoline shortage that is making it very difficult to transport supplies to some of the hardest hit cities.

Another major issue that each town is dealing with right now is the fact that they need to dispose of such a large quantity of dead bodies. Unfortunately, there is no time to ensure that each person is identified by their family before they are buried, but the government has indicated that they have taken steps to help people learn about the fate of their loved ones in the future. At this time, gravediggers have started placing massive piles of the deceased into a mass grave, and all of the typical burial customs such as prayers are being ignored in favor of being more efficient.

It will be necessary for electric service to be restored before the area can be returned to any level of normalcy. However, the latest estimates indicate that it could take up to six months to make this happen in most areas. Tragically, the lack of electricity makes it very difficult for rescue workers and medical professionals to perform their job, and this is likely to lead to additional deaths.

Even though the latest news reports contain so much dismal information, it is important to note that help is on the way thanks to the efforts of individuals such as Mindy who are fundraising for Philippines relief. Additionally, the U.N.’s World Food Program was able to deliver rice and high energy biscuits to approximately 50,000 Tacloban residents on November 13. As long as contributions continue to come in, assistance of this type will be offered for the foreseeable future.


Fundraising efforts to assist the victims of the recent typhoon in the Philippines have been launched worldwide, and DonationTo has provided an online platform for several individuals who have chosen to help. For example, Mindy is running a marathon to raise funds for the Global Hunger Expedition. By selecting DonationTo as her crowdfunding partner, Mindy has been given the opportunity to put every penny that is donated toward her worthy cause. As an added bonus, we have also enabled her to avoid paying for any extra credit card fees, and this will make it much easier for her to hit her $5,000 goal.

The situation in the Philippines is very grim right now, and it is necessary for people to step up and donate as much as they can. DonationTo has a proven history of helping fundraisers hit their goal, and we are committed to making it as easy as possible for charitable individuals to raise money to help rebuild the Philippines.

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