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Ah, the status update. When Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?” the answers are nearly endless.  Maybe you’re thinking of the great burrito you just had, or maybe you just want to share a funny image you just found on StumbleUpon. No matter what happens to be on your mind, posting an update on Facebook allows you to broadcast it to all of your friends.


Naturally, this could be a very powerful feature in the context of fundraising. You just type out a few lines about your cause, click “Share,” and all of your friends instantly see your message…right?

Well, not exactly.  Have you ever posted a link or image, only to hear some of your friends say, “What? I never saw that on your wall.”  So what’s going on here? Believe it or not, Facebook effectively chooses which of your friends should receive each of your particular updates.

Here’s the deal:

Due to it’s enormous scale, Facebook has to perpetually organize an incredible amount of information from its users. When a user posts a status update, a web programming technique referred to as behavioral targeting is enabled in order to help streamline the flow of so much data. As a result, each status update will only be displayed to a subset of friends that Facebook considers relevant to the content of the update.

With this in mind, status updates are clearly not the best implementation of Facebook for fundraising purposes. So what is the best way to reach all your Facebook friends and gain support for your cause? Two words: Facebook Events. 

By creating an event on Facebook, you are able to reach 100% of your friends. The implications of this are obvious: you can spread the word for free and leverage your social network to gain support for your cause.

So how do you set up an event page?

Facebook is always optimizing its website, so the specific steps you need to take to create an event will vary. That said, the concept will always be the same. In general, you will need to do the following:

1: Name your event

2: Choose “online” as the location (Note: remember to remind visitors that there is no physical location)

3: Set a Start and End Time

4: Provide more information / description– This is where you talk about your cause, provide your DonationTo page URL and ask for support. Remember: don’t just paste the URL, provide as much information as possible about your cause.


5: Ensure that this is an “open” event – we don’t want this to be “closed” or a “secret” event. Rather, we want to encourage others to participate and gain supporters!

6: An extremely important feature is the ability to enable the event on your wall. You can allow others to add images, links and videos, as well as invite their friends. The more interaction you foster, the easier it will be to raise awareness of your cause.

7: Invite friends! Although Facebook allows you to invite an unlimited number of friends, please note that only 100 people can be invited at a time. As you send out invitations, Facebook allows you to add a personal note – take advantage of this feature to send out a meaningful message about your cause.

You’re work isn’t done when you create your event. Monitoring your event page once it is completed is a critical step in effectively implementing this Facebook strategy. As visitors ask questions or post comments, provide additional support by addressing them in a timely manner.

Don’t be surprised If supporters come to you looking for ways to continue spreading awareness for your cause.  In this case, kindly ask them to create their own event to gain additional reach within their network of friends!

By creating a Facebook event, users are able to bring more awareness and increase engagement. At the end of the day, this results in more visibility and increased likelihood of additional contributions.

Our donation website is suggesting to keep your crowdfunding profiles updated. Sharing important news from your cause progress will increase the chance to crowd fund even more.

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