Fundraising – 4 Steps to Help Cover Funeral Costs

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Funerals are one of the most emotional events that an individual or family will ever have to deal with, but they are also extremely expensive. Although it might be too much for a close family member to undertake, hosting an online fundraising campaign can be the ideal way to cover some of the funeral costs and keep loved ones together. Setting up a page for people to donate online is the easiest way to have a fundraiser. It can also be kept going up indefinitely in order to act as a memorial and to maximize your ability to raise money online for those who unfortunately get notified of the news a little late (here is a real life example


By using, raise money to cover the expense of funerals

If you need to learn how to fundraise, then can give you several quality ideas and a free book on fundraising, when you register. Their online fundraising pages are easy to use, and they can assist everyone from newcomers to experts with their fundraising goals. One of the nicest aspects about the fundraising pages is that they enable those who donate online to leave supportive comments, this can add additional support during such an emotional time. You can also upload a photo of the dearly departed to help place the focus on remembering that person and their life.


Step 1 to Funeral Fundraising

The first step of learning how to fundraise is to understand the importance of organizing your contacts. There are a lot of quality fundraising ideas that you can implement, but if you do not know how to tell people about them, then you will not have a successful campaign. provides you with an email platform that makes it easy to tell everyone about your efforts to raise money online with one simple click. In order to take advantage of this platform, you will first need to format all of your email addresses. In a Word document you should type out all of the email addresses according to the following format:,, Once this list is complete, you can copy and paste it into’s email platform, and send out an introductory message that tells everyone about your DonationTo page and how they can use it to donate or keep in contact with other loved ones.


Step 2 to Funeral Fundraising

A couple of days later you should follow-up with a message that tells everyone exactly how much you are hoping to raise. Make sure to mention that the funeral costs include or exclude expenses such as the service, the flowers and the casket. Provide a reminder that your page has been created to collect donations and to act as a space where people can leave comments about their deceased loved one.


Step 3 to Funeral Fundraising

Due to the emotional nature of this style of fundraiser, it is okay to be overly communicative. Send out a message every few days that provides an update on how close you are to reaching your goal. Remind people what the money will be used for, and ask them to consider donating again to help you cover all of the funeral related expenses. If you hit your goal, then these updates can be used to make everyone feel good about participating.


Step 4 to Funeral Fundraising

Once the fundraiser is over, it is crucial to reach out to everyone again and thank them for their support. Even if the campaign falls short of the total goal amount, you can let people know how much their financial and emotional support helped out during such a difficult time. People like to be thanked for the nice things that they do, so make sure that you remember this important step.

One of the best fundraising ideas to help cover the expenses associated with a funeral is to host an online fundraiser. You can communicate with people via email about the need to raise money online and then keep them in the loop throughout the entire process. Make sure that you encourage people to also use the fundraising page as a platform to leave comments about the person who has passed away. When the fundraiser is over, let everyone know what the end result was, and thank them for their support.

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