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Contemporary fundraising is a far cry from the neighborhood lemonade stand. That enterprise might be personal, accessible and even moderately lucrative, but its success rests largely on chance, not marketing.

The Internet has changed fundraising game forever. Online fundraising with,, can help you raise money online faster and more effectively than ever imagined.


Fundraising ideas are not limited to giant campaigns or someone with years of fundraising experience. All a fundraiser needs is passion, a compelling story and the Internet to share the rest.

The Internet unites people devoted to common causes, while a fundraising page promotes a relatable voice. Online fundraising site combines approachability and accessibility. The result is a reader can react and online fundraising can be immediate, easy and convenient for donors.

Passion brings people together, and for many, animal rescue rises to the top of the list. Consider the story of Bandit the dog, a young pit bull purchased by a family who quickly grew tired of him. Left to spend a lifetime languishing at the end of a cruelly short tether, Bandit might have become permanently unfit to be a family pet. Appalled by the dog’s plight, a sympathetic neighbor created a fundraising site on

Traditional means might not have saved Bandit, yet a simple strategy to raise money online did. His concerned friend might not have known how to fundraise; she only knew she had to act. In a short time, she had raised the $300 needed to purchase Bandit from his owners and set him on his way to a new home, just by asking fellow animal lovers to donate online.

Fundraising ideas may begin small, but with the right cause and the right passion, they can reap significant rewards. Send an appeal in the mail, and it might be ignored. Approach someone in person, and you might be rebuffed. Mobilize others who care about your story, and inspire them to donate online, and you will be one lucky dog.

Our donation website offers important tips on how to crowd fund for animal rescue. To crowd fund with success and raise money online, sign up

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