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For more fundraising tips Follow @donationto like us Facebook or plus us Google Plus has just released The Book on Fundraising! which allows individuals and businesses to quickly and easily learn all of the most important aspects of online fundraising. To help truly bring this book to life, artist Billy Hong teamed up with to create energetic and cute images which help illustrate the book’s many important points about how to successfully raise money online.


Billy Hong was born and raised in Reno, Nev. While attending the University of California, located in Davis, Calif., Billy made the decision to attend a design class. Billy took classes expecting it to be an easy A,


but that instead it not only forced him to work harder than he ever had in his entire life, but it also changed the course of his life! Billy was originally working towards a genetics major but his passion for art now has him working as a full-time illustrator and graphic designer. His work has been featured in print, online and in commercials, and he has also designed logos for multiple companies. His ultimate goal is to create video games and cartoons which he can proudly show to his future children.


Billy created the illustrations for each of the 15 chapters of The Book of Fundraising. Through his illustrations and the text which they serve to enhance, readers will learn how to take their fundraising and online charity goals to the next level. Rather create countless fundraisers which fail to meet the minimum donation threshold, The Book of Fundraising will provide readers will crucial information which will enable them to launch fully funded online fundraising campaigns, regardless of the charity or cause which is affiliated with the fundraiser.


The book examines exactly how to start, run and finish a successful campaign. It is an invaluable resource to anyone who uses the Internet to raise money online. This is good for a charity, animal shelters or a film projects- it is up to you!


Billy is well known for finding the humor in just about any situation, and as anyone who has attempted to raise money online before knows, a good sense of humor is critical for all people directly involved in the online fundraising process. Although it is of course imperative to maintain a level of professionalism, humor always helps to both make a point and to make any process easier. is pleased to provide those who are looking to raise funds for an online charity or other cause with a resource book which is filled with important tips and humorous illustrations. The team at was especially excited to combine forces with the talented Billy Hong, and certain his images provided an enhanced value for those who reach The Book on Fundraising. This book is available as a PDF, for usage on a computer, iPhone or iPad, and in the Kindle format.
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Billy Hong has samples of his comedic illustrations located on the web here. You can also learn more about him, and see examples of his graphic design work, by visiting here.

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