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The best way to host a successful social crowdfunding campaign is to turn to a donation website. For example, DonationTo has made it easy for thousands of people worldwide to utilize our platform in order to raise money online for a wide variety of causes. We understand that fundraising for children and any other good cause can be difficult enough without needing to struggle with technology. Therefore, we have created an easy to use site that does not require any specific technical skills.

One of the biggest perks of using DonationTo to collect online donations is that we enable each fundraising host to avoid paying for any additional credit card fees. We also firmly believe that you should be given the opportunity to maximize each donation that you receive, so our social crowdfunding platform allows you to keep 100 percent of the money that you raise.

Running for Macheo Children’s Centre

When an American-Canadian couple went to Kenya in order to research and volunteer at the Macheo Children’s Center in Thika, they discovered that the children were attending school without proper desks, food, clothing and other important resources. This couple arrived in Kenya with a shared love of running, and they have decided to take advantage of this in order to raise money for the children of Thika.

This fundraising for children campaign set the ambitious goal of raising $4,000 to support the couple’s effort to run the Nairobi Half Marathon. The participants will only have four weeks to train for this event, but they are committed to sticking with it in order to collect online donations to help the children of this area deal with at least one of the challenges that they face on a daily basis. Fortunately, utilizing our donation website has already enabled the couple to raise more than $3,700. This will ensure that children throughout the area will have solid desks to use at school to help them gain a quality education. This campaign truly highlights the importance of turning to the Internet in order to raise money because it would have been impossible otherwise for the couple to reach out to their friends at home for this level of support.

The Positive Impact of Comments

Instead of only providing a platform for donors to make a financial contribution, DonationTo has also enabled the comments function. This makes it much easier for supporters to feel like they are making a positive difference. After all, everyone can derive support from kind words, and this option allows people to say what is on their mind along with giving an online donation. For example, the Schoen family decided to express how impressed they were with the couple for taking such charitable action:

“We are so proud of you two! You are incredibly amazing people who I am sure will leave a lasting impact at the Macheo Children’s Center. All our love!”

Receiving comments like this is certain to be beneficial for the couple while they are running the marathon. Additionally, these kind words of support can bring comfort to the other individuals who are working and volunteering at the children’s center.

Laura Anderson also reached out to this charitable couple via a comment after making a donation:

“You both really are an inspiration! Amazing that you have connected Annie’s passion for nutrition with Mike’s passion for building with the thing that started it all…running!”

Comments of this nature help provide more background on the couple that is running the marathon. This can be beneficial because it can help encourage other potential donors to move forward with making a contribution. Additionally, the couple that is hosting this fundraising campaign will definitely appreciate hearing such kind words about themselves. After all, everyone likes to hear that they have inspired others, and this can help provide them with some much-needed emotional support during their upcoming race.


No matter what type of crowdfunding campaign you are planning to hold, it makes the most sense to turn to an online website such as DonationTo. We will provide you with a long list of resources to help you learn how to fundraise, and we will also give you access to our social networking integration tool so that you can share the link to your page quickly and easily. Utilizing these features helped the Running for Macheo Children’s Centre campaign collect donations from supporters around the world.

There are several perks to choosing DonationTo as your online fundraising partner. For example, we make it easy for you to keep every penny that is donated, and we will also enable you to avoid paying for any additional credit card processing fees. Therefore, even if you are not tech savvy, we can help you meet your fundraising goal. In fact, our easy to use platform will allow even a novice to launch their page within five minutes. The Running for Macheo Children’s Centre page collected more than $3,700 in a short period of time, and this truly illustrates the power of turning to the Internet when you need to raise money for a good cause.

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