Fundraising Email Tips – Hit Your Goals Faster – Part 2

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our last post showed you how to best take advantage of email to bolster your fundraising efforts. Although it might seem like social networking sites are overtaking the medium, personalized emails that are both direct — by efficiently stating your cause and how your readers can help — as well as engaging — by setting clear and specific goals — can do what social networks can’t: communicate with your supporters in a focused, professional, and personal way.

What Do Supporters Get

 Now that you’re equipped with an email strategy, it’s time to offer your viewers incentives to help you. You might think: don’t people donate to a good cause out of generosity? Yes, but the truth of the matter is: everyone needs a little encouragement. Any endeavor that relies on a group’s support will offer incentives for their participation, whether it’s a teacher pinning up gold stars so their students will continue behaving well or a credit card company offering Reward Miles for usage. So let your readers know what they get in return through offering their support!

Tier Level Rewards

Incentives can come in many forms, and can vary depending on the support that’s offered. For monetary donations, a useful strategy is to operate a tier level rewards system. For example, a donation of $20 may earn the donor a lower tier reward, like a cool T-shirt, while a donation of $1000 or more earns the donor a top tier reward, like their name on a plaque. The higher the donation, the higher tier, and more desirable, the reward. Listing specific amounts to donate — for example, $20, $100, $500, $1000 etc. — as well as the corresponding rewards for each amount provides a set of guidelines that simplifies the decision-making process, as well as crystal clear incentives that your supporters will be sure to appreciate.

Money Isn’t Everything 

For readers who don’t donate money but help to spread awareness, you can offer them a different kind of incentive: a reminder of how their time will help those directly impacted by your cause. Highlight the possible results that their support can achieve. For example, you can write: “By Tweeting and blogging about the water well we are building in Guam, more and more people can learn about how a single well like this one can feed up to 45 individuals for an entire year. This can lead to more wells being built!” Helping people remember the good consequences of their deeds will spur many to action.


Being Specific Matters

As a final overall reminder, don’t forget to be specific! Many times, people will feel the urge to help, but they might get discouraged if they’re not given crystal clear instructions. To prevent that from happening, provide links to the exact web page where readers can donate. Highlight the text that you’d like readers to copy and paste into their Facebook statuses or Twitter pages. Use formatting strategies like bolding select phrases and bullet-pointing lists to bring attention to important pieces of information. Finally, thank your readers for their time, and make sure to provide your contact information so your supporters can reach you, including your email, phone, and mailing address.

Stay Organized

With careful planning, emails can garner support for your cause efficiently and effectively by adding that much-needed personal touch to your fundraising effort. By spreading awareness and offering updates, it can transform indifferent readers into caring ones. And by offering clear directions and incentives, it can encourage caring readers to actually reach out and help. Give email a try, and let us know how it goes!

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