Fundraising Email Tips Part 3

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Now that you know what to write in your fundraising email, it’s time to actually type it up. Don’t underestimate the work involved here: your email could have been written by President Obama, but if it doesn’t look right – if it’s visually disorganized, boring, or too over-the-top – your readers might not read it at all. In order to wrap up our three-part entry, we’ll fill you in on some formatting tips to help keep your email short and sweet for the eyes.

Use paragraphs: Your third-grade teacher knew what she was talking about. But unlike paragraphs in an essay, paragraphs in your electronic correspondences need to be even shorter; usually, paragraphs containing more than five sentences begin to get tiresome to read. If you include several paragraphs, short headers (like “London Marathon 2012” in the example below) can help separate them logically, like chapter titles in a book.

Outlines are your friend: Whenever possible, use bullet-pointed, indented, or numbered lists. You may choose to list the dates of this month’s fundraising events or the links to your social networking pages. Whatever the case, lists are both easy to understand and easy on the eyes.

Everyone loves pictures: Inserting images that are relevant to your cause may add a unique and exciting touch, but don’t include more than two or three to prevent from distracting your readers. In general, personal photos of you and your supporters are more effective than clip-art or logo images because they are more specific to your cause.


Formatting styles are allowed: When used correctly, formatting styles like bolding and underlining text can bring visual attention to your email’s most important sentences and phrases. If you’re in need of even more punch, use one or two additional font colors (no light or neon colors) for select sentences. Note: to check if you’re using formatting styles correctly, after you’re done with your email, read ONLY the parts you’ve formatted differently – if you can still get the main idea of your message, then you’ve done well.

Last but not least, avoid overdoing it! Remember, formatting options are tools that should be used selectively to enhance your message. Go too crazy with font colors and sizes and your email will end up looking like a middle school student’s flashing MySpace page.

Take a look at the sample email below to see how you might best utilize the tips above. In general, a good rule of thumb to keeping your email neat is to limit your size and color changes to two each at most for a medium to long length email, and one change each for emails shorter than the example pictured below

Planning through every aspect of your message is the key to creating an effective fundraising email, and the visual aspect is no exception. A neat, well-organized email makes for happy readers, and happy readers make lasting supporters. We hope you enjoyed our three-part post about Fundraising Email Tips, and hope you share your experience with us!

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