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American United is a non-profit, nonpartisan group that focuses on preserving the separation of church and state to ensure that every citizen has the religious freedom that the country was founded on. Americans United has been operating since 1947, and since that time they have had a major influence on several important court cases. They list their top victory as being against the so-called “Religious Freedom Amendment” of the mid-’90s that was introduced by Newt Gingrich with the intention of mandating prayer in public schools and forcing tax payers to pay for religion. Americans United also successfully fought a case against a Pennsylvania school district that wanted to teach creationism in science classes, and they have helped ensure that Americans who practice a minority religion are given the same rights as those who adhere to a faith with a larger group of members.

In order to ensure that all citizens are equally represented, Americans United includes a diverse mixture of people who have different religious beliefs. To continue moving forward with the landmarks decisions that Americans United has won in the past, they rely upon donations from other like-minded individuals who understand that everyone should have the same rights, regardless of their religion.

If you believe that every American citizen’s right to religious freedom should be protected, you should consider helping the group raise money online to further their cause. After all, even though they have been fighting for your rights for more than 65 years, they still need assistance raising awareness. By hosting an online fundraising campaign, you can spread the word about their important work while also gathering a large amount of money that can help Americans United wage their next legal battle.

Even if you are unsure about how to fundraise, can make it easy for you to raise money online. In fact, the website will provide you with all of the tools that you need to bring your fundraising ideas to life. By taking just a few moments to create an online fundraising page, you can safely collect donations and avoid credit card fees. Unlike other similar platforms, will let you keep 100 percent of the money that your supporters donate online, and this will enable you to provide a lot of assistance to Americans United.


Another important aspect of using is that they will provide you with a social networking integration tool to help you easily spread the word about your fundraising ideas. After all, unless you let a large quantity of people know that they can donate online to your fundraiser, it will be impossible to hit your goal. Fortunately, will give you everything you need to learn how to fundraise for the optimal result. In fact, the power of using to rally support from a large group of people was recently showcased by the that has raised almost $13,000 to help a three-year-old receive Leukemia treatment.

Once you have collected donations from all of your supporters, you can take all of the combined money to make one big donation to Americans United. Although every dollar counts for a non-profit, a group effort like yours will have a much greater immediate impact.

All the non-profit organizations benefit from crowdfunding. They sign up on this donation website to crowd fund for their social causes.

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