Fundraising For Destination Imagination

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Destination Imagination is a program that helps students from kindergarten through college with the development of their creativity, problem solving, quantitative reasoning and presentation skills. The program hosts tournaments in 30 countries to find approximately 8,000 students who will be invited to the Global Finals. This year, six girls from Clovercroft Elementary in Williamson County have earned their team, the Life of D.I., a spot at the finals. However, in order to pay for the traveling expenses and all of the other related costs, the team needs to raise $8,000.

The co-coaches of the Life of D.I. team decided to use DonationTo as the host of an online fundraising campaign to help the girls get to the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee. They will also be using additional fundraising ideas, but it is their goal to get most people to donate online. As of May 6, 2013, they have already raised more than $2,600, but they are still looking for additional support. Fortunately, the co-coaches were able to launch their page without any technical skills, and they also did not need to know how to fundraise. DonationTo makes it easy for anyone to raise money online, and each individual or corporation that signs up for an account will have access to helpful fundraising tools.

The DonationTo Difference

Using DonationTo is one of the best ways to bring your fundraising ideas to life because you will be able to keep 100 percent of the donations that you receive, and we enable you to avoid credit card processing fees. We also use a simplistic interface to make it easy for people who still need to learn how to fundraise. In fact, some of our valuable resources can help you quickly learn how to host a successful online fundraising campaign. Therefore, we are the perfect choice if you need to raise money online to assist any worthy cause.


Getting people to donate online is much easier than holding traditional fundraisers. For this reason, the hosts of the Take us to Globals!  fundraiser have turned to DonationTo to help them raise $6,000 to send the Life of D.I. team to the Destination Imagination Global Finals in Tennessee. This educational program encourages students to use their creativity, and the six girl team from Clovercroft Elementary is hoping to raise enough money to be able to attend the finals.

By using DonationTo, the Life of D.I. fundraiser’s hosts will receive 100 percent of the money that is raised online. Unlike other sites, we do not keep a percentage of each donation, and we also do not charge a processing fee to accept credit cards. This has already enabled the Life of D.I. to save approximately $131, and every penny counts when you are hosting a fundraiser. If you are interested in helping the Life of D.I. hit their goal, you can donate online by clicking here. You can also start your own fundraising campaign in just a couple of minutes by signing up today.

The educational crowdfunding brings a bright future to the children who can benefit from support via our donation website. Their talents can now become known due their parents’, teachers’, coaches’ or tutors’ possibility to crowd fund for their success.

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