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This ecological fundraising campaign raise more than $27,000 they saved over $1,200 by using DonationTo paid accounts! 

It is always a good idea to utilize a donation website regardless of whether you are launching a social crowdfunding campaign or attempting to raise money for an ecological cause. After all, your supporters will be able to make online donations 24/7, and this will make it much easier for you to hit your goal.

DonationTo has a proven history of providing an easy to use platform for ecological fundraising campaigns. In fact, even a novice computer user will be able to launch their fundraiser in less than five minutes. Another perk of hosting your social crowdfunding campaign via DonationTo is the fact that we will help you maximize each contribution that you receive. For example, we enable all of our users to avoid paying any additional credit card fees, and you will also have the opportunity to retain 100 percent of the money that is donated.


The Joel Levy Memorial 5K Run is an annual event that honors a specific individual and the charity of their choice. In 2013, Rick Bartlett was enabled to select the charity that would benefit from this event. Rick’s selection was the Our New Way Garden nonprofit organization. This group uses local organic gardens as a resource for educating the public about the importance of growing food and eating organic produce. As an added bonus, the majority of the food that they grow is donated to local food pantries and soup kitchens to assist people in need.

This ecological fundraising campaign was held with the intention of building a new greenhouse to assist the Our New Way Garden organization with their educational goals. Although it was necessary to collect $20,000 to provide a new greenhouse, the Joel Levy Memorial 5K Run was able to quickly exceed this goal. In fact, using a donation website enabled the group to raise more than $27,000. This campaign definitely illustrates the importance of collecting online donations when you need to gather a large amount of money in a short period of time. After all, without giving people the opportunity to pay online via PayPal and WePay, it is likely that this charitable event would not have passed the $20,000 mark.

The Importance of Comments

Most people who contribute to a fundraising campaign have a compelling reason for doing so. Therefore, we believe that it is important to give them the opportunity to leave a supportive comment along with their donation. For example, Derek Bandeen made a very charitable contribution of more than $2,500. The inspiration behind his donation was revealed in his comment:

“Keep on running for a great cause and honoring an outstanding man.”

This comment will help provide some support for the runners who are participating in this event, and it references the individual who the race was named after. Comments of this type also help spread awareness of the campaign, and they will make it more likely for other people to end up making a large donation.

Another good example of the supportive comments that were received during this campaign was posted by Michael Kaye:

“Dedicated in memory of Joel Levy and for the speedy and full recovery of Rick Bartlett.”

We firmly believe that comments of this nature provide comfort to everyone involved in the campaign, especially those who have a personal connection to Joel Levy and Rick Bartlett. After all, everyone likes to read nice things about their loved ones, and this gives them the opportunity to do so. As an added bonus, it is our policy to leave crowdfunding campaigns up indefinitely so that fundraising hosts and family members can reference each of the supportive comments whenever necessary.


No matter what type of fundraising campaign you are hosting, DonationTo is well-equipped to help you meet your goal. Our easy to use platform does not require any specific technical skills, and we also place a major emphasis on ensuring that you are able to fully maximize each contribution that you receive. Therefore, you will be able to keep every penny that you raise, and we will also enable you to avoid paying for any additional credit card processing fees.

A wide variety of campaigns around the world have found great success by using our platform. For example, the Joel Levy Memorial 5K Run 2013 was able to exceed its goal by more than $7,000. This will provide a local community with easier access to educational opportunities regarding organic food, and it will also help ensure that local food pantries and soup kitchens have enough produce to feed everyone in need.

If you are new to fundraising, DonationTo will give you access to all of the necessary resources to help you be successful during your first attempt. One of our most popular resources is the social networking integration tool that makes it quick and easy to share the URL of your fundraising page with all of your Facebook friends. By harnessing the power of the Internet, you will be in a much better position to make sure that a wide variety of people learn about your cause, and this is the best way to reach your goal.

DonationTo is the fastest way to crowd fund online. Our donation website experts share precious advice on successful crowdfunding.

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