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There are multiple different online fundraising platforms for people who run marathons, but only one allows you to easily collect donations for all of your different fundraising goals in one place. provides marathon runners with an easy to use interface that allows you to post information about every marathon that you run, while also allowing you to raise money online without paying a large fee.

Use to fundraise online for all of your upcoming marathons makes it extremely easy to reach out to your past and potential donors. Your online fundraising page can be linked to both Facebook and Twitter, thereby allowing you to provide your supporters with regular updates about the status of your online charity fundraising campaign. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the basics of how to fundraise, will provide you with all of the necessary tools to run a successful fundraising campaign.

The majority of the other websites which enable you to raise money online charge a fee, typically ranging from 5 to 10%, based on the total amount of funds which you collect. The ease of allowing people to donate online will increase the total number of donations that you receive, but if you then lose 5 or 10% of it you’re also losing a lot of the value of online fundraising. allows you to keep 100% of the money that you raise, enabling your online charity marathon fundraiser to become a success. Most marathon fundraisers have modest goals, such as $500, and being allowed to keep all of this money will enable you to more quickly raise money for charity.

Setting up an online fundraiser on is extremely fast and simple. It does not require any advanced Internet knowledge, and even those who only use the Internet for email will be able to easily figure out the fundraising platform. does offer support if you have any questions, however, and they also offer tools that will help you learn how to fundraise for success. By taking advantage of’s simplistic fundraising platform, you’ll be able to let your supporters know where they can donate online in a manner of minutes. You’ll also have instant access to the money that you raise, which is a nice perk over other sites that require you to have a fully funded campaign before they’ll release any of the funding. understands that unfortunately not all fundraisers will hit their goal, but they want to help you raise as much money as possible for your project.

If you’re a marathoner who travels from city to city to participate in multiple marathons on an annual basis, then is the perfect option for your fundraising needs. The interface allows you to stay connected with your supporters, both via your specialized URL and your Facebook and Twitter pages. In addition to which, also enables you to email updates to all of your supporters. Donors like to receive updates on the causes that they’ve supported, so sending out regular updates is a really good idea; doing so will also encourage previous donors to donate again. will also keep all of the necessary information available to allow you to post multiple marathon fundraisers without having to duplicate all of the content each time.

When it comes to marathon fundraising, is the easiest option for those who wish to raise money online. You’ll be able to easily keep your supporters in the loop via email, Facebook and Twitter, and you’ll also have instant access to 100% of the funds that you collect.

Marathon crowdfunding is one of the most popular ways to crowd fund on For more, sign-up our donation website.

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