Fundraising for Marathons

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Due to the fantastic weather, summer is the most popular time of the year for people to participate in marathons and other running related events. Many individuals choose to combine their interest in running with the opportunity to raise money for a great cause. By joining a marathon, for example, a runner can ask people to donate to a cause such as cancer or AIDS research.


No technical skill is required. Create your marathon fundraising page at


No technical skill required

One of the difficult things with traditional fundraisers, however, was that runners would spend an extremely large amount of time trying to get people to donate. The Internet now provides runners with a way to raise money online, but most people do not want to spend a lot of time focusing on any of the technical details that can accompany an online fundraising campaign. Getting bogged down in technical details or needing to have a firm understanding of how to fundraise will hinder a runner’s ability to perform well in the marathon.

Never short on fundraising ideas takes all of the worry out of the online fundraising process for marathon runners. Rather than having to brainstorm about a ton of fundraising ideas along with figuring out how to create a safe way for people to donate online, marathon runners can simply turn to’s easy to use platform. provides both experts and those who are learning how to fundraise with all of the necessary tools to create a beautiful fundraising page in just a few moments. You also get our free fundraising book with many, easy to follow, fundraising tips!

Easy to build fundraising page

If you have never attempted to raise money online for a marathon before, then you might have a few questions about the process of setting up a donation page. will provide you with a template. All you have to do is upload an image, explain what you are collecting donations for, set a goal and provide information about how the money that you raise will be used. This information will all be used by to immediately create a page that tells your story and allows people to donate online. You will not need to have any technical skills to assist with the creation of the page.

Get your own personal URL will assist you with hitting your fundraising goal by providing you with a unique URL and social networking integration tools. One of the easiest ways to raise money online is by sharing your story with others. Post the link to your fundraiser on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages and ask others to share your posts. By doing this, you will reach a wide audience of potential donors. Before you know it, you will have a solidly funded campaign with a minimal amount of effort.

Get Social Plug-ins for your fundraising page

If you run in marathons all year, then can be connected to your Facebook page to provide updates to all of your supporters. Simply keeping people in the loop about what you are doing will work better than any off the all fundraising ideas that may pop into your head. Ask previous donors to donate again during each charity marathon, and continue to use social media and email to reach out to new potential donors.

By utilizing you can quickly create a safe and easy way for people to donate online to your marathon fundraisers.‘s fundraising pages require zero technical skill. By connecting your fundraising page with Facebook you can spread the word about your efforts and encourage people to donate on multiple occasions.

Taking part in a marathon can be much more accessible if knowing how to crowd fund for your campaign. Our donation website is a team of crowdfunding specialists that share their useful thoughts.

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