Fundraising for the ACLU

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a non-profit organization that works to ensure that every citizen’s rights will be properly represented and upheld in a court of law. The ACLU also fights the same battle within every community in the country, and they have done a lot of important work to help support the cause of equal rights. In fact, one of the main goals of the ACLU is to help extend rights to minorities that have been denied equality in the past, including disabled individuals, people of color, women, LGBT and prisoners.

The ACLU was formed in 1920, and their tireless efforts have helped bring a lot of positive change to the nation. As a non-profit, they rely on the charitable donations of others to help them continue their work. Although they currently have approximately 500,000 supporting members, they continuously need donations to cover the expense involved in representing people in court, raising awareness of major issues and working with legislators to ensure that everyone’s rights will be upheld and protected.

The ACLU’s website has an option for individuals to donate online, but it would be difficult for anyone who wants to have a major positive impact to do it alone. Therefore, many people who are passionate about helping the ACLU continue their work have held online fundraising campaigns to gather as much money as possible before making a single lump sum donation. If you are interested in having the ability to raise money online for the ACLU, you should utilize DonationTo services.

DonationTo has a solid history of helping people bring their fundraising ideas to life, and they also provide the necessary tools to teach people how to fundraise. By selecting DonationTo platform for your ACLU fundraiser, you can encourage people to donate online without paying a large fee. In fact, DonationTo will enable you to raise money online without paying any fees for accepting credit cards, and you will also be able to keep 100 percent of the money that is donated.

Because the platform is so easy to use, there have been virtually countless people who have already used it to get their fundraising ideas off of the ground. For example, the PAWS online fundraising campaign was posted by a woman who wanted to raise money for a half marathon that she is running to support a no-kill animal shelter in the Chicago area. By using the resources that DonationTo provided her, she was able to pass her goal of raising $1,000 a week early.

Even if you have never attempted to raise money for a worthy cause, DonationTo will quickly give you everything that you need to learn how to fundraise successfully. The website’s tools include social networking integration and a messaging system that will allow you to easily get the word out to all of your friends, family and co-workers. Each person will be able to make a donation online via either PayPal or WePay, and you will receive the funds in your PayPal account so that you can then make a large single donation to the ACLU.

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