Fundraising for the Center for Constitutional Rights

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The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) is a non-profit educational and legal organization that works to protect the rights that each U.S. citizen was promised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the U.S. Constitution. The CCR was founded in 1966 by a group of attorneys who fought to bring the civil rights movement to the South. The group believes that it can use the proper application of the law as a vehicle for enacting positive social change throughout the country.

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One of the negative aspects of asking people to donate online via most fundraising platforms is that the website will require a fee to accept credit cards. Fortunately, does not do this, and they also provide you with 100 percent of each donation that you receive. This will make it much easier for your fundraising ideas to become fully realized, and it will also encourage your potential donors to give as much as they can. After all, no one wants to see any of their charitable donations go toward fees.


A good example of another person using to turn their fundraising ideas into a successful campaign is the half marathon fundraiser that was held to support a Chicago no-kill animal organization called PAWS. People prefer to support online fundraising campaigns that are linked to someone who is willing to take physical action to encourage donations, so you should consider doing something similar if you want to increase your ability to raise money online for the CCR.

The CCR focuses on a long list of different causes, but all of them can be linked to the rights that have been guaranteed to each citizen. For example, the CCR has been fighting for an extended period of time to convince the government to close Guantanamo and put an end to all illegal detentions. The non-profit is also focusing on other aspects of the government abuse of power, including unlawful surveillance and the prosecution of people who have enacted their constitutionally protected right to express their dissent. In order to continue working on these important causes, the CCR asks their supporters to donate online. However, individual donations take a long time to build up, so if you are truly passionate about supporting the work that the CCR does, it is a good idea to build an online fundraising campaign.

The website is easy to use, even if you are unsure about how to fundraise. By the time you have finished reading this you could have started a fundraising page and begun taking steps to spread the word via the included social networking integration tool. By properly taking advantage of all of the tips and tools that offers, you will soon be able to make a sizable donation to the CCR.

Human rights is an aspect worth of crowdfunding. This is the reason why so many people choose to crowd fund on this very donation website.

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