Fundraising for the Children’s Defense Fund

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The Children’s Defense Fund is a non-profit organization that has been working since 1973 to help provide children with a voice in government and social actions. Some of their goals including ending childhood poverty, improving the quality of children’s health and providing children who are in the juvenile system with access to educational opportunities that can help them get their lives back on track. The group is currently working on seven different campaigns with the intention of improving life for all children. These campaigns include Be Careful What You Cut, the Black Community Crusade for Children and Protect Children, Not Guns.

Many people have fundraising ideas, but they are unsure how to bring them to life because they do not know how to fundraise. Fortunately, makes it unnecessary to have any previous experience or technical skill. Instead, they provide you with enough information to quickly learn how to fundraise online, and they will also give you the necessary tools to spread the word about your campaign.


When you share your fundraising ideas with the world via, you can avoid losing a portion of the funds that are contributed because DonationTo enables you to avoid credit card fees. You will also receive 100 percent of the money that your online fundraising campaign generates, and your donors can use PayPal or WePay from any web-enabled device.

Thousands of other people have successfully used this service to raise money online. For example, the fundraiser that was built to help the family of Forest Sanders has already accrued almost $7,000. Part of the reason that fundraisers like this one have been so successful is that it is easy to spread the word via’s social networking integration features. When you take advantage of this same feature, you can quickly generate a lot of support for your campaign to raise money online for the Children’s Defense Fund.


In addition to providing important programs and campaigns to assist the youth of the U.S., the group also maintains a list online that teaches people how to take their own advocacy steps. This valuable resource helps them push their campaigns forward, and it also enables all of their supporters to become directly involved in the cause. Another way that supporters can help the Children’s Defense Fund is by visiting their website to donate online. Each donation counts, regardless of how large or small it is, and the non-profit will utilize your contribution to help them continue fighting for the rights of children.

If you are interested in helping the Children’s Defense Fund but do not have a lot of money, you can still utilize your base of friends, co-workers and family members to raise money online. In fact, by setting up an online fundraising page with, you can spread the word about this worthy cause while also providing people with a central location to donate online. Once all of the donations are in, you can make one lump sum contribution to the Children’s Defense Fund.

The crowdfunding for Children Protection campaigns is advocated by Government. Our donation website shares ideas to crowd fund.

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