Fundraising Ideas – 3 Way To Stay In Contact With Supporters

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Fundraising is not just about getting people to write a check or donate money online. Instead, it’s about building long-term relationships with people and organizations. After all, the dream is that a donor will donate not just one time but repeatedly over the next year. This is why it is important to stay in touch with supporters and show them that you care. By emailing past donors, being honest with them about goals and needs, giving them praise and support, and really getting to know them, one can build a loyal and generous giving group that can support an organization for quite some time.

Email Supporters 

It is paramount to be in contact with donors. Thus, an organization should be sure to thank all current and past donors for their support and remind them of what they are supporting. It is important to always remind donors of important goals and information so that they understand the current mission and work of a group.

Give Updates 

It is important to update donors on the progress of a campaign or donation goal. This doesn’t mean repeatedly asking them for more money every other moment but could ask them to spread the word to friends and coworkers and to hang fliers or spread an email. Social networking tools and direct mailing updates can make donors feel involved and invested in a goal. After all, supporters want to know how an organization is doing. Try to personalize these updates with photographs, charts, and messages.

Remember Important Dates

One of the best ways to keep supporters devoted to a cause or group is to get to know them. This means staying on top of birthdays, anniversaries, their kids and their graduations, and major moments in their lives. Mailing out a birthday card that is signed with a sweet message makes donors feel like they belong to a family and increases the likelihood that they will support a group in the future.

No group can function if they do not have consistent support. Going the extra mile and showing donors that one cares is the key to protecting an organization and helping it grow. This means staying in touch, remembering important dates, and building honest and true relationships with all sorts of donors. Staying on top of communication and support means that people can grow long-term relationships that are sure to last the test of time.

The permanent awareness about your crowdfunding cause and its progress, will gain much of supporters’ trust to be with your cause till the end. Our donation website will teach you how to crowd fund and keep in touch with potential donators.

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