Fundraising Ideas – 4 Communication Tips To Increase Donations

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Internet services such as DonationTo.comhave made fundraising a much easier and, in most cases, a much more successful endeavor. Properly utilizing all of the Internet tools available to ensure success does require some finesse, however, coupled with a good sense of timing. It is imperative to utilize all methods of social networking to reach out to potential donors; Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter will allow you to reach out to a very broad network of people while making each person feel like they are involved throughout the entire process.


Don’t forget about the power of e-mail and blogging, too, as both will provide you with the perfect opportunity to remind people about just how easy it is to participate in online giving. If you’re in the process of putting together an online charity drive, the following tips will help you meet your fundraising goal.

1.) Keep Supporters in the Loop – Create a fundraising widget which can be placed on blogs, social networking sites and the company website, if applicable; ensure that the widget is updated regularly if it doesn’t do so on its own. Showing people how close you are to achieving your goal will make new potential donors feel more confident in their decision to donate. You should also consider sending out update blasts via Twitter and e-mail to make sure that everyone is in the loop; the frequency of these updates should be based on the duration of the fundraiser. If it will be running for a month or longer, send out a weekly update. If it will only be running for one week, send out an update once a day.

2.) Twitter is a Great Marketing Tool but Don’t Overuse it - Sending out too many tweets in a short time period will have the opposite effect from what you’re looking for. Not only will your message lose its effectiveness, but it will also be seen as spam-like by many people. Limit your Twitter updates to a couple per day and you’ll maximize your donations.

3.) Your Updates Must Have Value – If you post something random on Facebook, such as a funny photo that is in no way related to the fundraiser, you will lose people’s attention; your message will get lost and potential donors may no longer take you seriously. Keep your posts related to the topic at hand for maximum return.

4.) Encourage Others to Spread the Word – Utilize the social aspect of social networking by encouraging others to share your fundraiser efforts with their online friends. Consider asking a local celebrity or business to donate a prize that can be awarded to the person who refers the most donors to your fundraising campaign. Basic psychology points out that people will spend a lot of time and effort to gain something that is free, so use this to help your fundraising efforts.

By following these four simple steps, and applying them across all applicable online marketing sources, you’ll quickly reach your fundraising goal. Don’t forget to send out blasts that inform everyone once the goal is met and be sure to thank everyone for participating. If the fundraiser was for a local event, such as Toys for Tots, consider sharing photos of what everyone’s donations produced.

Communication leads to drawing attention to the crowdfunding campaign. Also, according to this donation website, to crowd fund means to continuously communicate with potential donators.

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