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Regardless of what your online fundraising campaign is for, there are a lot of different ways to raise awareness and funds. Most people focus primarily on their friends and people with similar interests, but if you stop there, you will lose out on a lot of potential donations. Local businesses, and in some cases national businesses, are a good source of potential donations. With, it is even easier to perform it as 100 percent of funds raised can go directly to the cause. Whether you ask them to donate online directly or to simply help raise awareness, partnering with a local business is a great way to increase your ability to raise money online  . provides you with good methods and ideas for rasing money online.

Before you contact a business about your online fundraising campaign, make sure to do some research into what causes are likely to appeal to their overall business model. Local businesses generally understand that helping a local cause will give them good press. If you are targeting a national business, however, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you know how to fundraise and that getting involved with your online fundraiser will be beneficial to them in some way.

Most small businesses will be quickly drawn to causes such as a local animal shelter, a family with medical issues or a fundraiser to improve something within the community. For example, you might contact a well-known local insurance company and ask them to agree to sponsor your attempt to raise money online for a family that has recently lost everything in a fire. Not only will the insurance company provide you with instant local credibility, but their involvement will benefit them by making people consider the need to purchase homeowners or renters insurance.

Make sure that any local or national businesses that you partner up with agree to post a sign in their office and to spread the word on their social networking pages.

If they tell their customers about how easy it is to donate online, then your chances of having a successfully funded campaign will greatly increase. You should also consider asking any local businesses that become involved if they have any new fundraising ideas to contribute. By making it a team effort they will feel more involved in the process, and this will encourage them to make a sizable donation. If you are new to fundraising, asking for input can also help you learn how to fundraise more effectively .

It is important to recognize any businesses that donate or support your fundraiser. You should post their logo with a link on your fundraising page and mention them on your social networking pages. This will be beneficial for both of you, and it will make them more likely to team up with you in the future.

By partnering up with a local or national business, you will gain exposure and additional funding for your online fundraiser. Businesses understand that participating in a fundraiser increases their public profile, so they are likely to accept the invitation to get involved. Even if a business turns you down, ask them questions in order to gain new fundraising ideas. Always thank your business donors publicly, and make sure that they help you spread the word about your efforts.

Our crowdfunding experts will teach you how to ask businesses for help via this donation website, as well as to crowd fund for your cause by asking for help from corporations.

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