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The internet has long been a marketing boon to businesses seeking to broaden their customer base and increase revenue. Individuals and organizations involved in fundraising activities have discovered that proper utilization of the internet and all of its resources is an an efficient and cost-effective means of getting the word out to potential supporters and increasing financial support fortheir cause as well. Online fundraising has a value that reaches beyond the bottom line.


A good fundraising idea, properly implemented, can not only broaden your contact base, it helps keep supporters and potential supporters apprised of new developments and future goals, and also makes them feel that they are an integral part of the success of the project’s efforts.

An excellent example of how to raise funds online is the recent campaign launched by Nakhon Sawan Flood 2011. The individuals who organized this effort were able to raise money for their disaster relief initiative by personalizing the issue and utilizing an effective video presentation to drive home the devastation caused by the recent flooding in Thailand.

The Nakhon Sawan Flood 2011 online fundraising campaign page, created using, begins with a video montage of the devastation caused by the flood. This is followed by a letter from the organizers of campaign detailing the specifics of the cause of the disaster and ensuing complications. The organizers personalized their appeal by putting you in the shoes of a Thai citizen who is coping with this tragedy, and how your donation will help them. features user-friendly pages that allow fundraising campaigns to highlight the cause using a variety of mediums, separate goal and progress bars to let supporters know exactly where they are in their efforts, and contact information for further inquiry. Using this site, The Nakhon Sawan Flood 2011 online fundraising campaign was able to exceed their goal of $2000, and offer some help and hope to people in their time of need.

No one can predict when or where a natural disaster may hit, or how the lives of those in its path may be affected. The ability of the internet to inform the public and raise support for disaster relief efforts on a global scale enables anyone who cares enough to be able to organize a campaign to raise awareness and funds. The value of making a difference in people’s lives extends well beyond the dollar.

Nobody is assured from a cataclysm, but this donation website is trying to help people by offering the chance to create their crowdfunding campaigns. is proudly offering ideas on how to crowd fund for any particular causes.

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