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Successful singer and producer Pilar Kuhn is in the process of recording a new CD in collaboration with bandleader and saxophonist Duke Guillaume. The CD, entitled “The Great American Songbook.” will contain her arrangement of such American standards as ‘Body and Soul’ and ‘All of Me.’ The CD will be recorded in New York, and fans of Pilar’s work can’t wait to hear the end result.

The Los Angeles-based singer is a veritable ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ in the movie and music industries, both as an entertainer and behind the scenes equally at home in theater, radio, film, and the recording studio. This CD has long been a dream of hers, but she needs your help to make that dream a reality.

The ‘Great American Songbook’ fundraising campaign, hosted on, is a project scheduled to progress in 3 Phases. Phase 1 of the campaign is now in full swing, and is 63% of the way towards their goal of $3,500. This phase consists of payment for the session musicians for 2 days work in the studio as well as studio rental fees. Phase 2 and 3 of the project will begin as each goal is met.

Supporters of Ms. Kuhn will receive more than the honor of helping this performer do what she loves most. There is a 2-tiered reward system for helping to fund this project. Those who donate $10 or more will be designated ‘Gold-tier donors,’ and will receive a free download of the finished project. The second, or ‘Platinum-tier’ donors- those who donate $25 or more- will receive downloads of the new CD plus Pilar’s “Gershwin, Porter & Pilar” CD. provides fundraising organizers with all of the tools they need to launch a successful campaign: user-friendly web pages, multi-media support, dual progress bars which show the initial goal and percentage of the goal reached, and the number of days left to reach the goal. This is a good way to instill both a sense of urgency and a sense of accomplishment. A one-click donation button makes sending your support as easy as sending an email, and contact information is provided at the bottom. The multi-media support makes this the ideal medium for showcasing music fundraisers, providing supporters and potential donors a taste of things to come.

The key to an effective fundraiser is to identify a need, inform the public of that need, keep supporters in the loop about the goals and progress of your efforts, and to a build rapport with donors in order to establish a solid foundation for future fundraising efforts. Online fundraising is a great way to raise money for a music project or any other cause. By utilizing the power of the internet in conjunction with email and traditional marketing outlets, fundraisers are able to reach a wider support base and keep in touch with donors about the progress of their fundraising efforts.

Visit the “Great American Songbook” page on to show your support for Pilar and this worthy project.

The artistic crowdfunding is worthwhile for people who are involved in artistic activities and cannot imagine their lives without making art. Our donation website is providing the opportunity of bringing ideas to life with the knowledge to crowd fund and reach the artistic goals.

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