Fundraising Ideas – Setting Goals and Online Donations

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Building a successful online fundraising campaign requires many components. Although you will want to give equal time to many different factors, a key decision is your goal.  At we strongly advocate for large fundraisers being split into small online fundraising phases. Rather than attempt to collect a large amount of money, such as $100,000, all at once, it can be easier to scale the project into multiple fundraiser phases. In this case instead of trying to achieve 1 single giant goal. You break your fundraising project into a few small goals.


When discussing the goals of a fundraiser you have to remember the point is to raise money online. The organizers of the fundraising must have a full understanding of how important the project is and the different components involved. Here one can understand how each part of the fundraising will have its own specific goals. Potential donors will not be interested in funding a campaign which are vaguely worded, doesn’t end for 20 months and seem difficult to achieve. If you want to catch the attention of people who are willing to donate online, then you must present a strong case that details the goal of your current fundraising phase. In other words, if you have decided to ask donors to contribute a totalof $5,000 within 30 days, then you’ll also need to tell them what the $5,000 is specifically for. It will be important to also include the ultimate end goal of the overall project. Following this formula will ensure a greater number of initial donors, along with a higher chance of repeated donations during subsequent fundraisers.


Setting a short time frame for accepting donations will also encourage donors to sign up on the spot; however, if the deadline is far in the future, most people will decide to come back later instead. The sad truth for fundraisers is that later almost never actually happens. Therefore, short donation periods work best, as they create a sense of urgency which will compel donors to act immediately.

If you’re looking for new and innovative fundraising ideas, listen to donors when they provide feedback and why they decided to donate online. Analyzing this feedback will help you learn how to fundraise with greater efficiency in the future. It is important to reach out to those who have already donated in the past when you launch the second phase of your fundraiser. Be sure to clearly spell out your new goals, while also reminding potential donors of what was achieved through past fundraisers. Illustrating how a second donation will ultimately help both the original and current goal is one of the best ways to continue to raise money online. The best part is you have already created a history of success. Your second project will be welcome with open arms as you are now a face donors remember and trust.

Goals should be broken out into chunks when possible. Each chunk will represent a specific element of the entire fundraising project. Enabling everyone involved to clearly see this vision, will make the overall project easy to absorb and increase likelihood to contribute! By breaking out your fundraising project into chunks, not only does this make it easy for supporters to understand but it will also allow the people working on the campaign to feel more comfortable, too. Each time a goal is met, the people working on the fundraiser will feel more confident in their ability to reach the ultimate end goal. This confidence will translate into future fundraising and happy workers!

Ultimately, setting proper goals and sticking to them will prove to be a simplistic formula for achieving success. Keep your goals manageable and communicate with your donors throughout the entire fundraising process, and you’ll soon be sending out messages which declare that your fundraiser was fully funded.

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