Fundraising Mistake Asking For Too Much

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While it is important to make sure that you don’t ask for too small of a donation, it is equally important to set a realistic online fundraising goal. At we advocate knowing your audience is a key component of learning how to fundraise, and once you’ve determined who your main audience is then you should target your fundraising ideas to catch their attention.


Don’t make the mistake of asking for too much. This can scare aways those who might want to support your cause

There are a lot of good fundraising tips, but perhaps the most important one to is to set up your online fundraising campaign with a variety of donation price points. This will help you capture more donations for your online charity fundraiser, as it will enable people from all different economic backgrounds to make a donation that they’re comfortable with. After all, you wouldn’t ask someone who just lost their job to donate $2,000, but that person might still be able to donate $20, and being able to contributing $20 to your online charity drive will allow them to still feel involved in the process.


Ask for the right amount from supporters and create a better fundraising campaign!

One big mistake that a lot of people make when deciding between different fundraising ideas is to latch onto the concept of the miracle donor. Although it would make a really great feel good story, it is completely unrealistic to expect one donor to contribute either all, or the majority, of the necessary funds. Avoid this fundraising blunder by keeping everyone involved on the same page, and remember that learning how to fundraise effectively takes hard work and a lot of refining, but it can be done without the help of just one major contributor.

Make sure that you always present your fundraiser in a way which makes a large goal seem obtainable to potential donors. Instead of saying that you need $2,000, you could say that you only need 40 people to donate $50 in order to reach your goal. Advertising your fundraiser in this way will make donors feel like you’re more likely to hit the end goal, and this will encourage them to become a part of it. Keep in mind, however, that you should still give donors a wide range of donation price points to choose from.

By keeping it simple, and by utilizing the fundraising tips available from, potential donors will feel more confident and your total number of donations will increase. It is always better to ask for what people can realistically give, rather than to make them feel like they can’t possibly help out. will make this entire process easy for you, and will provide a diverse group of donors with a quick and easy way to donate online.

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