Fundraising Mistake Number Two – Don’t Ask For Too Little

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In the world of online fundraising, it can often be a scary idea to try and ask donors to give a large sum of money at once, or to go back and increase the amount of their donation. Asking for too little, however, is the number one way to ensure that your online charity fundraiser will not be successful. Consider your audience when setting up donations price points and keep in mind that not everyone has the same budget.The one thing that really resonates with people is an honest approach. If you let potential and current donors know exactly how much money is needed, and exactly what the funding is going towards, then you’re much more likely to have a fully funded online fundraising campaign. At we always suggest to stay  honest with supporters, and your fundraising ideas will begin to take off.

Don't ask for too little to help better your fundraising campaign

Don’t ask for too little! Ask for the right amount for better fundraising and gain more support!

When looking to raise money online, you lose the in-person interaction, but you gain a much wider audience. Let people know exactly what your online charity drive goals are, and don’t be afraid to go back to donors and ask them to donate again. In many instances, people donate a minimum amount simply because someone didn’t ask them to give more. If you ask, then you’re likely to double the donations without having to come up with new fundraising ideas.

An important thing to remember when deciding how to fundraise is that although not everyone has the ability to donate the same amount of money, each donor is still equally important. One person may only be able to give $20, but you should still ask other donors for at least $40. They’ll give what they can, and if they believe in the cause then they’ll spread the word, which will definitely help you raise money online.

Make sure that everyone involved in the project stays motivated. If you stop pushing forward, then your donations will plateau. We address this very issue in our fundraising book! Keep the information fresh in your mind and you’ll be better equipped to ask for larger donations. It’s also important to make sure that you update your supporters regularly, and continue to invite them to donate even after their first donation. makes it extremely easy to create an online fundraising campaign. They have tools in place to help you learn how to fundraise more effectively, and if you combine their tools with the mindset of always asking for as much as possible then you’re almost guaranteed to have a successful fundraiser. Always remember that asking for too little is the quickest way to ensure that you won’t meet your goals.

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