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For more fundraising tips Follow @donationto like us Facebook or plus us Google Plus is a rapidly growing social networking site which allows users to integrate its bookmarking platform with Facebook. fundraising pages integrate perfectly with the Pinterest platform. The basic idea is that users are able to put a pin in the items that they are interested in. This works by creating a virtual scrapbook of a user’s interests, and the Pinterest site displays these interests via a stunning collection of photography which can be shared with other users. If you want to take a quick look at what has done you can follow us here:


Use Pinterest for better fundraising provides the ability to easily integrate their online fundraising pages with Pinterest. Within seconds you’ll be able to allow people to pin your online charity fundraising page. Once someone pins your page, their friends will have easy access to it. As with all other social networking sites, word of mouth is built up as more people like, or pin, your page. Due to the growing popularity of Pinterest, you will definitely want to add it into your discussion about how to fundraise for your current project. Notice how all fundraising pages easily allow you to select your main image (Screen below).


All fundraising pages are optimized to select your main image

As with all other social networking sites, Pinterest is a good source of potential donors for an online fundraising campaign. The site’s growth has been amazing so far, and all signs indicate that Pinterest will continue to grow its base of users. In just one month, from January 11th, 2012, to February 11th, 2012, Pinterest saw an over 40 percent user growth, bringing it to an estimated 10.4 million users. If you are attempting to raise money online for a fundraiser, this is a group of people who you can’t afford to miss out on.

The Facebook integration feature is currently being used by an estimated 9 million users. According to Facebook’s application data tracking, approximately 98 percent of these users are women. Harnessing the power of both Pinterest and Facebook will allow you to get your online charity in front of a large group of women, and some men, from around the world.

The Pinterest community does abide by a small list of etiquette rules and one of them applies directly to your attempts to raise money online. Rule number three states that you shouldn’t use Pinterest for only self promotional purposes. Be sure to add to the community in other ways, and make sure that you point out how your fundraiser will help others. Following this rule, along with the others, will ensure that you get the most out of your Pinterest experiences. Pinterest’s rules of etiquette can be found at

You can pin unique updates about your cause, and doing so will bring more attention to your fundraiser. Make sure that you let others in the Pinterest community know that they can donate online. Also, don’t forget to use Pinterest as a source for inspiration. By interacting with others, you’ll learn tips about how to fundraise more effectively while also getting the word out about your fundraiser.

Be sure to take advantage of name branding by adding information about your fundraiser to your images. When these images are pinned by others it will help spread the word more quickly about your fundraiser. Keep in mind, however, that you do need to keep an eye on just how promotional your pins look. offers you all of the necessary tools to enhance your Pinterest experience, it will help you reach out to others who are like-minded while also letting them know that they can donate online. Although Pinterest is different from most social networking websites, it is important to reach out to such a rapidly growing community. Pinterest will also enable you to reach out to a large female audience, which may be especially important depending on the type of fundraiser that you’re hosting.

Pin your crowdfunding causes, share your thoughts and ideas on how to better crowd fund, and benefit from the possibility to create your own page on our donation website.

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