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Joe Dzialo’s Medical Fundraiser

Raising money quickly for a medical emergency can be very cumbersome and borderline impossible in the offline world, but DonationTo enables you to avoid this problem by giving you the ability to accept online donations. Our user-friendly crowdfunding platform does not require any technical skills or previous experience, and you can share your story with the world in less than five minutes.

One of the biggest perks of letting people help your cause through online giving is that they can make a donation 24/7 from anywhere in the world. We offer payment processing through two trusted companies: PayPal and WePay. With the power of their reputations and our easy to use platform on your side, you will be able to raise money for any type of medical problem.

Friends of Joe Dzialo


In July 2014, Joe Dzialo’s life was turned upside-down. Joe had just accepted a new management position in Michigan and drove with his family’s belongings from Massachusetts in order to get everything set up. Before Joe’s wife and children could join him in Michigan, he began to feel very sick. A trip to the emergency room led to the discovery of an extremely rare form of pancreatic cancer. At the urging of his family, Joe returned to his home state to begin treatment.

In response to the family’s unexpected expenses, an online medical fundraiser was launched in the hopes of raising $15,000. Generous donations poured in, and the goal was surpassed. Although this helped Joe receive much-needed treatment, he was unable to recover from cancer and passed away a few months ago. The money that was raised will make it possible for his widow and children to grieve their loss without the added complication of a large amount of medical debt.

The Supportive Nature of Comments

It was equally important for Joe’s wife and other family members to receive emotional support during his struggle with cancer and after he passed away. The DonationTo staff strongly believes that kind words are just as important for the healing process as money, and this is the reason that we attach a comments feature to every crowdfunding campaign hosted on our platform.

Joe’s friends and family were able to reach out to each other and to offer a few final parting words by posting comments. One particularly heartbreaking but also beautiful comment was left by Tom Gargiulo:

“Joe, I am shocked and miss you! I am sorry I was not there in the last year when you needed me most. You deserved that. I enjoyed our friendship as two travelers on the road of life. It was frequently heartwarming to share with you and at times frustrating. As humans we are both limited and in that way, and we are also complete. I am comforted in knowing you left behind two wonderful, talented children and a gracious wife, and I am hopeful they will go beyond you. My love and thoughts are with you!”

Pancreatic Cancer Facts

Almost 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year. Unfortunately, this rare form of cancer is also one of the deadliest, and only 7 percent of patients will survive for more than five years. Unlike most other types of cancer, the survival rate is not greatly improved with an early diagnosis. Despite this, anyone who begins experiencing the symptoms of pancreatic cancer should seek medical attention immediately in order to give themselves the best chance of beating this illness.

Symptoms include loss of appetite, depression, weight loss, blood clots, jaundice and upper abdominal pain. Although we do not know what causes pancreatic cancer, there are several risk factors that can contribute to the development of this disease such as being overweight, having diabetes, experiencing a bout of pancreatitis, smoking and a family history of the BRCA2 gene mutation. This illness is also more common in African-Americans, but people of any ethnicity can contract pancreatic cancer.


Medical fundraising makes it possible for people to focus on their health instead of spending a lot of time worrying about how they are going to pay for the necessary treatments. Joe’s family turned to DonationTo during their time of need, and they were able to raise more than $16,500 to offset his medical expenses. Tragically, Joe lost his battle with pancreatic cancer, but his family will be spared the trauma of needing to come up with such a large chunk of money while dealing with their grief.

DonationTo is an easy to use fundraising platform that makes it possible for people to make online donations from anywhere in the world. Payments are processed by PayPal and WePay, and you can share the story of your campaign through unlimited photo uploads.

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