Fundraising Tips, Hit Goals Faster By Effectively Explaining Your Cause

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Today we’re going to focus on a very important aspect of fundraising: effectively explaining your cause. Whether it’s in the context of your online video, or simply talking with family and friends, explaining your cause efficiently and effectively is a crucial component of your fundraising efforts.

So how do you go about informing others your cause? Start by following these tips and guidelines to craft an effective explanation.

First of all, remember: content is king! In this case, more information is better than not enough. Don’t oversimplify your cause, and provide enough details to get people who have no prior understanding up to speed. Keep this in mind throughout the process of drafting your explanation.

Next, be sure to answer the following questions: how, why, who and when.

How did this cause come to be?

Don’t forget to explain the origin of your cause.  This includes mentioning any notable founders and telling the “story” of the organization or event.

Why is this cause important, and where is the passion coming from?

This is a natural extension of our first question. In addition to outlining how the cause started, try to explain why the cause was established.

Who is involved?

People tend to have a bandwagon mentality. In other words, if they find out that people they care about are involved, they’ll be much more likely to get involved themselves. But don’t go crazy naming everyone – it’s important to exercise a little discretion here.  Focus on current supporters who you feel communicate value related to your cause.

When do you need to meet your goals?


Nothing motivates supporters quite like a sense of urgency. By highlighting the deadline for your goal, you remind your audience that action is required now.  In today’s world, if we don’t finish a task immediately, it almost never gets done.

So there you have it – the simple and straightforward guide to explaining your cause. Now get out there and rally some support.

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