6 Steps to Online Fundraising Using LinkedIn – A Professional Approach

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LinkedIn operates in a similar way to other social networking websites, but it places a focus on professional networking. Rather than reading status updates about what people ate for lunch or what movie they’re going to see tonight, you’ll see updates that pertain to the world of business. This is definitely a group of people who you want to network with if you’re an individual, or an organization, who is building an online fundraising campaign. Having a strong social networking presence across multiple sites is very important, but how do you get the most out of a LinkedIn account?

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Step One

Once you’ve created a LinkedIn account, you’ll be able to start promoting your online charity fundraiser. If you’re an official charity then you should create a company page; if you’re not, then you can still spread the word via your own LinkedIn profile. It is important to establish who is going to be the LinkedIn voice for your fundraiser, so be sure to add that to the docket when discussing how to fundraise for your cause. Once you’ve selected the person who will run the LinkedIn portion of your social networking advertising campaign, ensure that they upload logos for your online charity fundraiser and that they also post about all current fundraising events.

Step Two

As with any other social networking site, you’ll need to search for like-minded people and add them as friends. LinkedIn offers multiple local groups, and with a quick search you should be able to find some groups that are applicable to the topic of your online fundraising campaign. Make sure that you participate in group discussions and that you don’t always place an emphasis on raising awareness of your fundraiser; while it is important to get the word out, you’ll build stronger online relationships if you also provide something of value to the community. This can be achieved by answering other people’s questions and by also spreading the word about other fundraising efforts. A nice perk of becoming involved in this way is that you’ll also meet others who can answer your questions and provide you with encouragement if your fundraiser gets off to a shaky start.

Step Three

It is crucial to add a link to your online fundraising page, including your Donationto.com page and any other related pages, on your LinkedIn profile. You’ll also want to spread the word about your LinkedIn profile, and this can be accomplished by linking to it in your email signature line and by also posting links to it from your other social networking profiles. Remember that the secret to social networking success comes from having a large amount of friends and followers, as they’re likely to help spread the word about your attempts to raise money online. A unique feature of LinkedIn is that it allows you to see who has viewed your profile. Take advantage of this feature and reach out those who have viewed your profile without sending you a friend request; you might be able to turn someone who had a passing interest into a loyal supporter.

Step Four

LinkedIn’s status updates work just like Facebook’s, but they should be used in a more professional context. Instead of telling people what you ate for dinner, keep your updates specific to your fundraiser. You can link Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn together so that they all update whenever you post on Twitter, but keep the LinkedIn audience in mind if you decide to do this. By posting valuable content, you’ll keep your LinkedIn friends engaged, and they’ll be more likely to donate online.

Step Five

Starting your own groups on LinkedIn is a great way to gain additional exposure. Keep in mind that not everyone will want to join a group that’s specific to your fundraiser. Consider adding some value to the LinkedIn fundraising community by creating groups about topics such as how to fundraise and how to raise money online. Doing so will introduce you to a diverse group of like-minded people, and taking the time to spearhead these groups will also put you, and your fundraiser, in a very positive light.

Step Six

Keep in mind that LinkedIn appeals to professionals and many of them do not use Facebook. Maintaining a professional approach while networking on LinkedIn will build a solid reputation for your fundraiser. By building relationships on LinkedIn you’ll have access to a new group of people, and your LinkedIn friends can help spread the word about your fundraiser.

All social networking sites are important, but make sure that you use them in the correct context. By keeping things professional on LinkedIn, you’re certain to build a base of friends who are interested in your fundraiser. Joining groups and participating in discussions is a great way to get your name out there. Make sure that your profile links to your DonationTo.com page and that you make it clear that people can donate online. When used correctly, LinkedIn can provide you with a large group of potential donors, along with a network of other individuals in the fundraising world.

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