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It is important to utilize all available social networking sites if you want to increase your ability to raise money online. While Facebook is still the largest social networking site, with an estimated 800 million users, you shouldn’t ignore other networking opportunities. It’s definitely important to continue to use Facebook, but make sure that you incorporate other websites into your social media marketing plan.

One of the most popular websites aside from Facebook is Google Plus. Powered by the name brand recognition of Google, this social networking website has quickly gathered over 100 million users, and not all of them are also on Facebook. You’ll want to ensure that you have a well-designed Google Plus page before you start your next online fundraising campaign. The proper placement of images is important on Google Plus, as your main avatar links into a flip book of all of your images. Make sure that you select a main image which really emphasizes what your online fundraising efforts are all about, and then also add additional images to enhance your followers’ interaction with your page.

Learning how to fundraise effectively has always included the necessity of reaching out to others. Google Plus allows you to do so virtually, via their conversations and video chat features. You can search Google Plus for conversations about your particular cause, and then you can use that platform to inform others about exactly what your online charity drive is all about and how important it is for them to donate online.

Google Plus has recently unveiled a hang out feature. This feature enables you to engage your potential donors with personal conversations via video chat. In the world of online charity fundraisers, this functionality can allow you to really set your cause apart in a very positive way. It has become common for those who are first learning how to fundraise online to create a video about their online charity, and this is definitely something that you should still do. Having the ability to also have live one-on-one video chats with donors really takes things to a new level, however, and this personal interaction is likely to have a huge impact on your ability to raise money online.

Another feature of Google Plus which can help you encourage people to donate online is having the ability to seek out other events which are relevant to your cause. By finding like-minded people, you can create new relationships and tap into a new group of potential donors.

While Facebook is likely to remain important for years to come, it is necessary to keep branching out as new social networking websites step up to the plate. Google Plus is particularly important due to its quickly growing membership base. Make sure that you utilize all of the unique tools which it offers you, and place an emphasis on your profile page about your fundraising link. Tying everything together in this way will enable you to get the message out about your fundraiser to a new group of people, while also ensuring that they have the necessary information to be able to donate online.

It is highly important to use social networks, just like Google Plus, and crowd fund for your cause to make it known to  supporters, as well as maintaining a continuous crowdfunding with the existant donators. These and more crowdfunding ideas are to be found on our donation website

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