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Reddit is an entirely user driven website that allows people to find out about the latest and greatest things online. Any visitor to Reddit can post an image, link or video, and other users vote the new content up or down. If something receives enough up votes, it will be featured on the home page. Those who are trying to raise money online for a good cause can turn to Reddit as a source for potential donors. &

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Without any previous knowledge about how to fundraise, you can utilize the combined power of and Reddit to host a successful online fundraising campaign. Reddit has been used to raise money online for a wide variety of causes. Omari, a brave man from Kenya, defended an orphanage of 35 children from people wielding machetes. Rather than ask for assistance for himself, he wanted $2,000 to complete the construction of a wall to help provide the orphanage with protection. By promoting his cause on Reddit, this online fundraising campaign collected more than $50,000. Learn more at here: 

Another great example of the power of Reddit was shown when a 15-year-old terminally ill girl named Alice shared her bucket list. Users from all over the world became involved to make sure that her list was taken care of. You can see samples of their generosity at here: 

By creating a fundraising page at then sharing your cause and posting on Reddit is one of the best fundraising ideas available.

By posting a link to your fundraising page and responding to the people who comment on your Reddit post, you can reach people from all over the world. In order to get them to donate online, however, you have to show them that you are genuine. Keep your responses simple and honest, and you will see the power of the Reddit community. If you do not respond in a timely manner, or if you say something that comes across as untrue, you will lose the respect and attention of the Reddit audience.

Imagery is very important on Reddit. Even if you are a newcomer who is learning how to fundraise, you can still optimize your Reddit post by taking the time to add one powerful image that explains what your cause is all about. If you are trying to raise money for someone who is dying of cancer, for example, then you should post an image of that person. The combined strength of the image and the accompanying story will convince people to donate online. Remember to be honest and genuine, Reddit takes all of these issue seriously and if you turn it into something trivial you won’t get the results you are looking for.

If your cause catches on with the Reddit community and they assist you, then you should create a thank you video. Post it as part of the original thread so that people will see it, and be sure that the video includes an update about what the money was used for.

As a reminder, it is imperative to share your story clearly. Do not get bogged down in flowery language. Instead, keep it simple and tell the facts. In order to get on the front page and reach a lot of visitors, you will need to vote up your own link and then share it with others who will assist you in getting your story in front of a bigger audience.

By using create a fundraising page at and sharing your cause on you can leverage today’s relevant and trustworthy community. Simply share your cause with Reddit’s users and ask them to help. If you keep it genuine and ask your friends to help up vote your link, then the Reddit community is likely to be responsive. Make sure that you include a photo that goes with your story. Post a thank you video if the Reddit community helps you reach your fundraising goal.

For a stable crowdfunding , keep in touch with your supporters. Learn useful information on our donation website about how to crowd fund without special skills.

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