Fundraising With Tier Level Rewards

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Explaining tier level rewards

As we mentioned in our last post, it is always important to clearly address supporters in terms of what they “get” in exchange for giving a donation. This week we are examining what donors get as incentive in the more local sphere of tier level rewards. From the start, it’s important to let benefactors know that you recognize and value their individual gifts, and to thank them for it. Part One of our two-part series will explain what tier level rewards are and why they work, while Part Two will offer some tips for organizing your own tier level rewards.


What are tier level rewards?

Tier level rewards were created because it is important to differentiate between groups of donors. This means dividing the donor group into tiers based on donation amount, and assigning to each stratum a specific set of “rewards,” which could include anything ranging from basic merchandise, like a t-shirt, to a more honorary prize, such as the donor’s name on a plaque. As a fundraiser, it is important to set up a tier level rewards system and alert donors to its presence.

Why are they effective?

Establishing fundraising tiers is an incentive for donors to both continue their contribution and take their support to a higher level. If mid to low-level donors find themselves lost in a sea of anonymity and feel ignored, they will not feel motivated to continue their support. The goal of tier level rewards is to give every donor a place, yet to encourage them to move up from that place.

To reiterate, donors are willing to lend support if it is made clear what they can “get” in exchange for their support. As we brought up in our last post, visitors are more likely to participate in your cause if they clearly understand the result of their involvement, and the tier level rewards system plays on the same idea. Even a small prize will provide donors with a real, specific symbol of their donation and something to speak out with friends and family – driving additional awareness.

To sum up, by both acknowledging and rewarding specific groups of donors, a fundraiser that uses tier level rewards is able to give a sense of identity and satisfaction to his supporters, while also encouraging them to increase their donations over time. Our next post will offer up some tips on how to create your own system of tier level rewards, so stay tuned.

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Our donation website is offering knowledge on how to crowd fund with tier level rewards. The feedback is very important when crowdfunding with supporters.

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