Funeral Expense Fundraising

Funeral Expense Fundraising


Help Our Dad Fundraiser

An unexpected medical situation could strike any of us today, and the majority of U.S. residents are not properly financially equipped to handle all of the associated expenses. For example, many people who end up needing serious medical care have to make difficult choices about the other bills that they let fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, this simply causes other problems to arise, and it could make it virtually impossible for the family to pay for a funeral if the ill individual is unable to recover.

If you ever find yourself in this position, you can get assistance from DonationTo. Our fundraising platform enables people worldwide to collect online donations. As an added bonus, we have created a simple to use format that makes it possible for even novice fundraisers to get started within five minutes.

When it comes to collecting money online, you need to offer potential donors viable payment processing options. Fortunately, DonationTo has partnered with WePay and PayPal. Our extensive fundraising experience makes it clear that providing people with two payment options can dramatically increase the total amount of donations that are received. You will also be able to receive each contribution in real time.

Whether you have hosted previous campaigns or are contemplating putting together your first fundraiser, you can turn to our online resources to make everything much easier. We offer educational blog posts and numerous tools for raising awareness, including one-click emailing and social networking integration. By properly harnessing the power of all of these resources, you can spread awareness of your worthy cause and hit your goal much faster.


Harold’s Story

Harold was a military veteran who was hospitalized for several months before his family had to make the tragic decision to send him to a hospice care facility. Sadly, Harold suffered from multiple medical issues near the end of his life, including diabetes, renal failure and heart disease. The combination of these illnesses further complicated his health problems, and it was simply too much for him to recover from.

While he was hospitalized, Harold was unable to pay for all of his bills. One of the bills that went unpaid was his life insurance premium, and the policy was canceled as a result. After his children realized what had happened, they made an attempt to get his policy reinstated. The company that had provided this policy was unwilling to help, and this left Harold’s surviving family members without this much-needed financial assistance.

Harold’s wish was for his body to be transported to Richmond, Virginia, where he could eternally rest in the same graveyard as his parents. However, taking care of all of his hospice needs was already a big financial strain on the family, and they were unable to cover the cost of Harold’s request. Therefore, they made the decision to create a fundraising page via DonationTo in order to seek out assistance from other people.

The goal was to raise $8,500, and family and friends helped push the crowdfunding campaign toward this amount. After the first 45 days, 38 people had chipped in to create an accumulated donation of $7,155. The fundraising page is still active, so anyone who wishes to help this family during their time of need can still make a contribution.

A small payment processing fee is attached to each donation, but supporters are given the opportunity to cover this nominal expense so that the campaign receives 100 percent of the funding. Little touches like this help set DonationTo apart from other crowdfunding sites, and they also make it much easier for each campaign to meet their goal.

The Importance of Kind Comments

Anyone who has ever dealt with this type of situation knows that the emotional toll can be even more burdensome than the major expense that is associated with hospice care and a funeral. To help offer some comfort to people during their time of need, DonationTo has a comments feature that is attached to each crowdfunding page. In a nutshell, each donor is given a chance to post some kind words along with their financial contribution.

Being able to read thoughtful comments can make people feel less alone when they are going through the grieving process. Russell Davis understood this, and he took the time to post a comment:

“Lori and our entire family send our most sincere condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Much love, Russell.”

Comments can also be used to help rally support from other potential donors. Arthur Gomez took the opportunity to offer comfort and encourage others to donate at the same time:

“I challenge all VSU employees, past and current, who knew Harold to make a donation. God bless the family during this difficult time. RIP Harold.”


Watching a loved one go through a medical crisis is difficult enough, but this problem becomes exacerbated when there is not enough money available to fulfill their funeral wishes. To help avoid this problem, Harold’s family turned to the DonationTo platform to raise money online.

By offering payment processing from PayPal and WePay, the family raised more than $7,100 in 45 days. They also had access to several educational and awareness building tools to help them reach out to potential supporters. Additionally, the comments feature enables donors to make a financial and emotional contribution during a very difficult time.

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