Get More Donations Part 1

This is a part 1 of how to get more donations. Check back soon for parts 2 and 3.

1: Before we discuss amplifying your cause, we have to talk about the quality of your donations page. By quality content we mean taking the time to tell your fundraising story. Taking the time to upload many photos about your cause.


2: If you do not have a quality donation page, amplifying traffic to your cause will merely result in visitors arriving to your page who do not end up donating. If you do not spend time on your donation page, then visitors won’t be engaged with your story.


3: If you expect visitors to invest in you with a donation, you must invest enough time into building a quality donation page. Essentially, the time you spend on building a quality donation page you will get back with an increase in donations.

4: Use quality photos. Any smartphone will do this today. Quality photos are easy, if you know a few secrets. Take photos during the sunset or sunrise. The idea is to avoid harsh shadows that are caused by direct sunlight.

5: Include photos of all the parties related to the cause, including friends and family. If you are raising funds for an individual, you will want to include the community that is involved. This will increase engagement across a larger audience.


6: Create a video that explains your cause. Video provides depth to your story, and depth is what will influence visitors to donate. The same tips for photos apply to video, avoid direct sunlight and shoot during sunset and sunrise. Make sure there is little background noise so user can clearly hear you. Place your camera or smartphone on sometime stable to prevent the video from shacking. Here is an example of how video helped Naada raise over $28,000 for her medical bills.


7: Go into detail about the origin of your cause. Providing the history of your donation page will give visitors perspective about the importance of donating. History of your story will increase the quality of your donation page. An engaging story will reduce visitors anxiety to donate and increase overall engagement and sharing of your cause.

8: Provide an itemized list of how the funds that are raised will be spent. Here is an example of an itemized list in the case of a medical fundraiser but of course can be used for memorial fundraising, marathon fundraising and more.

Where your donation will go:

Feb 10 • Emergency room triage, sutures, x-rays $1500

Feb 19 • Hand surgeon, splints, follow up visits $3850

Feb 19 • Anesthesiologist $1500

Feb 19 • Beth Israel Hospital $3850

Future • Physical therapy and rehabilitation, out-of-pocket medications


9: Creating a quality and relevant donation page will enable new visitors to quickly draw the connection between you and the campaign. This will build trust in you and increase the urgency to donate. This is why we suggest, adding many photos of friends and relatives. Providing the full history and story behind your cause.

10: Do not announce your cause until you have a few donations. Having hundreds or thousands of new visitors arriving to a donation page with zero donations can give people a poor impression. No one likes being the 1st when arriving to a party. Feel free to mention in your bio section who specifically has already donated and how you appreciate their support. By adding these details new potential supporters will feel left out if they do not donate.

11: Amplify your cause by already having a few donations in place. No one wants to be left out of a party. By having donations already in place, each new visitor who arrives will feel more encouraged to complete their donation. This is why you need to show preexisting activity before you launch your cause. Have a few close friends donate and leave comments this way as visitors arrive their skepticism to donate is reduced.

Check back soon as we go over part 2 of how to get more donations.

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