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When you decide to raise money online for a worthy cause, it is important to ensure that you will not waste a lot of your donations on fees. DonationTo provides an online fundraising platform that enables you to avoid credit card fees, and you will also receive 100 percent of the money that is donated.

As we transition into the warmer season, there will be several holidays that will make it easy to spend time with your family and friends. For example, many families have an annual Memorial Day barbecue. However, paying for all of these events can be difficult. Therefore, several people have started turning to online fundraising as a way to gather the necessary funding to keep everyone in good spirits throughout the summer. Even if you have never hosted a fundraiser before, it is easy to learn how to fundraise with DonationTo.

Four Quick Tips for Holiday-Related Fundraisers

1.) Travel Expenses 


The cost of driving and flying is becoming increasingly expensive, and this can make it difficult for some family members to attend annual events. For example, most major airlines have increased their fees by up to 50 percent during the past year, and this can quickly turn an affordable trip into a financial nightmare. Instead of allowing someone to miss out, you can host a fundraiser and ask other family members to donate online to the cause. If everyone chips in, you will have the necessary expenses covered very quickly.

2.) Summer BBQ Expenses 


Instead of absorbing the entire cost of this summer’s barbecue, you can raise money online to help pay for the necessary expenses. Consider for example how often you have been asked to assist a party by bringing food or other supplies. Instead of doing this, you can simply get everyone to donate online. Most people prefer not to have to prepare something before a party, and this aspect alone will make them excited about your fundraising ideas.

3.) Host a Fundraiser to Support a Food Drive 

Many people participate in food drives throughout the summer and fall to provide needy families and individuals with Thanksgiving dinner. However, there are also people who are unable to donate simply because of geographic restrictions. Consider for example how many times you have heard about great fundraising ideas that you were not able to support because you could not attend the necessary function. Instead of letting this get in the way, you can bring the fundraiser to people all over the world by letting them donate online. All of the money that is raised can buy food for the shelter.

4.) Christmas Charity Fundraiser


Food drives and other fundraisers are also important for Christmas, and you can easily use DonationTo to host a fundraising page. If you consider how many charitable people you know who do not live locally, you will easily see the potential benefit of raising money online. Once all of the donations have been collected, you can make a single large donation of food or clothing to your designated charity.

Even if you feel like you are inexperienced and still need to learn how to fundraise, you can easily use DonationTo to raise money online for a wide variety of good causes, including food drives and family parties. As an added bonus, you will be able to avoid credit card fees, and you will receive every cent that is donated.

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