How to amplify your cause part 2 (video)

If you are looking for part 1  video of how to amplify your cause take a look here.

9: Creating a quality and relevant donation page will enable new visitors to quickly draw the connection between you and the campaign. This will build trust in you and increase the urgency to donate. Take the time to create your quality donations page so when new visitors arrive they are engaged to donate. If they can’t draw the connection immediately odds are they will leave.

10: Do not announce your cause until you have a few donations. Having hundreds or thousands of new visitors arriving to a donation page with zero donations can give people a poor impression. Some might thing the page is not active and has been abandon. We want to prevent this experience from happening to your view visitors.

11: Amplify your cause by already having a few donations in place. No one wants to be left out of a party. By having donations already in place, each new visitor who arrives will feel more encouraged to complete their donation. In this case visitors understand they page is active and its their time to participate.

12: Assemble a team of friends and family members who are known to have a large social group. We will call this team your “Amplification Team”. In this case when you launch your campaign and announce to friends and family we can do this with a big push. By having many people do this at once would give you better leverage with your launch, if you did this alone.

13: The amplification team has two goals: help amplify exposure for your cause (initial launch) and to gain other recruits along the way to help amplify your cause further. Try to get five, 10 or 20 friends who actively use Facebook, LinkedIn and email.

14: Once you have your team, let them know the team’s goals. There will be two specific goals.

15: We want to leverage their social outreach to spread awareness on Facebook and LinkedIn.

16: We want to leverage their email contacts for the initial launch of the fundraising page.

17: Remember, your team should consist of people who you know that already have a preexisting large network of friends.

  • This could be your big sister who is in college.
  • This could be your dad and his network of colleagues.
  • This could be your mom and her friends in the neighborhood.
  • This could be your three best friends who constantly spend all their time organizing social events.

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