How To Fundraise and Reduce Fraud

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An unfortunate aspect when dealing with money, whether a business transaction or a online charity, is there are people in the world who will actively seek to commit fraud. The impacts of fraud are always negative, but they can be devastating for those who are attempting to raise money online. We have to face the facts, fraud is always going to exist. As we accept that fact, there is plenty we can do to combate fraud!


The DonationTo team has outlined three steps which you can take to minimize any potential damage.

The most important step one should take when preparing online fundraising is to invest in good technology. has some of the best technology available by partnering with By integrating with Paypal, has minimize the risk of fraud. Paypal provides with bank level security, and the Paypal system is constantly analyzing transactions for any hint of fraudulent activity. If a possible fraud is detected, Paypal will notify all applicable parties and will conduct an investigation. Due to this heightened security measure, requires everyone who creates a fundraising site to have a verified Paypal account before their fundraising site is available. This means is able to ensure the identity of all parties who create a fundraising site!


It is also imperative to always remain aware of your surroundings. This rule is applicable to both those who come up with the fundraising ideas and those who donate to fundraisers. It is a good practice to only deal with verifiable fundraising campaigns which are hosted on trustworthy sites. If you’re considering donating to a charitable cause, take a moment to verify that the campaign from someone you know personally. On the other side of this, when you’re deciding how to fundraise for your next project, ensure that you only partner up with sites which have a solid reputation. By following this rule, you will create a safe environment for everyone involved on all sides.

The third step that fundraiser organizers need to follow requires a proactive approach. Rather than sit back and wait until the end of the fundraiser, you should perform regular audits to make sure that everything is going smoothly. Be sure to look over your bank statements every month and compare them to the data that you’ve collected throughout the fundraising process. If anything looks askew, you should contact your bank for more information. If you catch fraudulent activity early, you will have a better chance of getting everything settled in a satisfactory manner. Even if you are not a fundraiser or don’t even donate its important to check your bank statements to ensure all transactions look as expected.

By investing in good technology, staying aware of your surroundings and employing a proactive approach, you are much more likely to protect yourself from the negative impacts of fraud. It is important to safeguard your fundraiser as much as possible. Taking steps to avoid fraud will not only save you time and money, but it will also provide everyone involved with the fundraiser with a higher level of confidence!

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