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Online fundraising is a viable option for individuals or businesses who are trying to raise funds for a worthwhile cause. Traditional methods of fundraising, such as bake sales, car washes and selling candy door to door, have become antiquated. This is because of the amount of time it takes to reach a large audience. In today’s world people tend to tune out anything that requires them to make a special stop, and it can also be difficult to collect from people without having the ability to process credit cards.


Although most people prefer to use credit or debit cards, it can be cumbersome to go door to door with a box of candy and process credit cards. Therefore, allowing people to donate online is now the ideal way to reach a large audience and to quickly accept donations.

The basics of fundraising stay the same in the online world, however it is now easier than ever to brainstorm for fundraising ideas. allows individuals and businesses to share their cause online (as an online charity) without the need for elaborate productions. Another huge advantage of utilizing to raise money online is to have the ability to connect with people all over the world. allows those seeking to raise money online access to a wide variety of tools, which will enable the creator of the donation page to customize the message of their particular fundraiser. Each donation is encrypted which makes donors feel more secure in their decision to donate online. Once you drive traffic to your fundraising page, an individual will be able to select from various different donation options. They will be fully in control of what information they share publicly, and this aspect is likely to increase the total number of online donations.

In order to better assist you with your current and future online fundraising goals, has also been designed to help you track which social networking sites send your fundraising page the most traffic. This can be an invaluable tool, especially for teaching those in your organization who might not be as tech savvy about not only how to fundraise online, but also about how to use social networking sites.’s tools will allow you to track results from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail, allowing you to conclusively determine which site provides the best results for an online charity drive. It is important to utilize all of these sources, however, especially when gathering future fundraising ideas. You may discover through the usage of social networking sites that many people are open to the idea of supporting your cause via, but that they also want a specific form of personal recognition to go along with it. Listening to this feedback will help you learn how to fundraise more efficiently. also offers fundraising sites that are specifically optimized for iPads, iPhones and Smart Phones. This ensures no matter how users view your fundraising site the supporters can always donate easily! provides individuals or businesses with the perfect platform for online fundraising. Remove the need to host bake sales or car washes while also harnessing the power of the Internet for your next fundraiser. will provide you with all of the necessary tools to reach a large audience and to have a successful online fundraiser. Getting your message across without the need for technical labor. Anyone can create a fundraising site at that will be easily accessed on any computer, iPad or smart phone in the world!

This donation website is the unique platform that will teach you how to crowd fund extensively and keep all of your donations, by practicing crowdfunding as an activity that does not require special technical skills.

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