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When raising money for charity, every dollar counts. Schools collect spare change to support local charities. Businesses partner with charities to allow employees to donate a small portion of each paycheck to help support a good cause. While a donation of one percent or one dollar may not seem like much, consider the potential impact if a hundred people, a thousand people or even a million people donating one dollar at a time. With online fundraising the potential to reach

over one million dollars in donations exists, one percent or one dollar at a time. DevFund’s goal is to involve the tech-world communityto participate in fundraising. John H. Meyer, the creator of DevFund, has a simple idea…


If app developers donated just one percent of their earnings to charity, the organization could raise millions of dollars for causes around the world. By partnering with, DevFund has created their own fundraising page and set a goal of raising $2.5 million to serve as their main channel of receiving developer donations, as well as individual donations to help offset
the operating costs required to keep the app running. As individuals donate to help offset the operating costs, the app developers will beable to focus more of the money donated by other app developers on helping charities. According to DevFund, iPhone developers have earned
over $2.5 billion from their apps. Just one percent of that money donated through DevFund would open up $25 million for charities throughout the world.


To illustrate how this breaks down visually the DevFund team has created a pretty exciting infographic here:

Giving donors the ability to donate online is one of the most profitable fundraising ideas an organization can choose when brainstorming how to fundraise. When you choose to raise money online fundraising is made easy. The team at DonationTo.comis extremely happy to have the opportunity to partner with DevFund. For additional information about DevFund you can reach John Meyer (the creator of DevFund) at his fundraising page here:

The crowdfunding campaign for a charity cause has to be comprehensive and relevant to the supporters. This is why many call on graphic messages when they crowd fund. Our donation website is offering precious tips on how to reach your goals in time.

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