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Its been a great year for and we are proud to have launched so many DonationTo pages and enabled 1000s to support causes that keep 100% of their earned donations. Crowdfunding is easy with our simple personal donation websites!

Along the way we have provided helpful tips to ensure our users have the most successful DonationTo pages and launch causes and accept online donations in the most effective manner. Below you will find some of our posts from 2012. We hope the completed list will help you quickly find the tips/help you need to fundraise in the most advanced and optimized manner.

Fundraising takes time:

Not every fundraising campaign happens overnight. Below we explain how fundraising for most takes time. With all the emails and social status updates not everyone will get the message at the same time. To learn how it takes to fundraise, review the full details with this helpful post.

How To Fundraise:

Below are step by step tips on how to fundraise as well as some other tips relevant to getting started. These are general tips to ensure your online fundraising campaigns has a great start.
How to fundraise Part 2 : 5 steps to fundraising:
How to fundraise part 3:
Plan your cause to fundraise better:
Scale fundraising for success:
Fundraising how to ask for help:
Bench for Ira:
Optimize your fundraising page:
Direct Mail Fundraising:
Blogging to increase fundraising

How To Fundraise With Reddit:

Reddit is more popular and ever and leveraging this popular site has helped many hit their fundraising goal. Learn how to use reddit in these post and leverage one of the most unique sites that help fundraising every day.
Fundraising with Reddit:
Fundraising with Reddit Part 2:

Tips On How To Fundraise:

Everyone loves basic step by step directions on how to fundraise.  Below are a bunch of easy to follow step by step directions to keep your fundraising on track. These posts range from learning how enables you to keep 100% of all donations to setting the proper goal amount and how to leverage PayPal and WePay for better fundraising. Review below to see some great tips to help your fundraising efforts.

Keep 100% of donations with
4 Simple Steps to Fundraising:
6 tips to better fundraising:
Image quality for better fundraising:
Online fundraising grows:
Dos and Don’ts of fundraising:
Fundraising for the entire family:
Fundraising and setting goals:
WePay and Paypal fundraising:

B2B Fundraising:

Companies are no stranger to fundraising, learn how leveraging wide variety of businesses can help gain awareness and support towards your cause. Looking for a fast way to bring awareness to your cause, you will love these tips below.

Ask businesses for fundraising help:
Corporations help fundraising:
Networking for better fundraising:
3 steps to better networking part 2:

School Fundraising:

Going to school or creating your own artistic vision can be expensive. Learn how leveraging DonationTo fundraising pages you can help raise funds to cover these expensive costs.

Social fundraising for College Costs:
Fundraising for School:

Animal Fundraising:

Caring for a pet can be very expensive learn how leveraging social fundraising and DonationTo enabled many to cover costs in pet care. With the increasing expensive cost of pet care, leveraging online fundraising is a great way to cover the cost.

Animal fundraising:
Animal fundraising part 2:
Animal fundraising success:
Animal fundraising:

Funeral Fundraise Tips:

Funerals are a very emotional time for everyone. Fundraising with DonationTo can help bring friends and family together to help cover this expensive and stressful cost.

Funeral fundraising:
Funeral fundraising part 2:

Social Fundraising:

Learn how Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest can help leverage social media and gain more attention for your cause. By executing these very specific tips across all social media pages your DonationTo page can gain popularity and help you hit your fundraising goal faster. Here DonationTo shows  there is more to social fundraising than status updates.

Fundraising with Google Plus:
Fundraising with Facebook events:
Fundraising using LinkedIn
Fundraise with Pinterest
How to fundraise and follow up with supporters:

Avoid Fundraising Mistakes: shows how to avoid many fundraising mistakes. Review these tips to ensure your fundraising goes smoothly. These simple tips will ensure that you move from novice fundraiser to expert!

Fundraising mistake 4: Asking for wrong person for donations:
Mistake number 3 asking for too much:
Mistake number 2, asking for too little:
Mistake not asking for donations:
Avoid fundraising mistakes part 2:
Avoid fundraising mistakes:

Marathon Fundraising:

Running a marathon has become very popular over the years. Will you run for a cause? Review the fundraising tips for your next marathon and understand how these effective tips will ensure you hit your goal for your next marathon cause.

Fundraising for marathon:
Fundraising for marathon part 2:
Fundraising for marathon part 3:

Medical Fundraising:

Medical costs are getting more expensive every day. Learn how utilizing social fundraising many have cover medical expenses. Review these tips below to ensure your next medical fundraiser launches with the best foot forward.

Medical fundraising part 4:
Medical fundraising part 3:
Fundraising and medical expenses part 2:
Fundraising and medical expense:

Mobile Fundraising:

With the strong growth of iPhones and iPads DonationTo still provides a beautiful fundraising page that adapts to any device you are on. With a mobile, tablet and desktop friendly fundraising page, created at, your fundraising page will be ready to accept donations at any time.

Mobile fundraising:

Fundraising And Reducing Fraud:

With any form of online transactions fraud is always a possibility. Review these posts below to learn how to avoid and minimize fraud during your next fundraiser.

How to fundraise and reduce fraud:
Fundraising and setting goals part 2:

The Book On Fundraising: wrote The Book on Fundraising! When you create your own fundraising page at you get a free copy! For those interested to learn more about fundraising definitely take a read below and see how Billy Hong created some beautiful artwork to go inside our book!

The book on fundraising is here:
Fundraising with Billy Hong and artwork:

Ways to Fundraise:

There is a wide variety of ways to fundraiser. Here are a few examples of how fundraising can help any cause raise funds.

Fundraising and producing music:
Fundraising with natural diasters:

Fundraising and Communication:

One of the fundamental factors in fundraising is communication. Donations don’t happen automatically so its important to keep donors and supporters informed with the status of your fundraising. Take a read below how these communication tips will keep your online donations coming in and help you reach your goal!

Communication tips with supporters:
Stay in contact with supporters:

Fundraising With Tier Rewards:

Everyone likes getting something, try leveraging tier level rewards for your next fundraiser. By offering something in exchange for a donation amount supporters will be more likely to engage and also get other engage towards your cause. This will results in hitting your fundraising goal faster!

Fundraising with tier level rewards:
Tier rewards video

Using Email To Fundraise:

You would be surprised at how effective email is to fundraising. Learn tricks on drafting an email that will encourage support and spread awareness. There is more to email for donations then sending out 1 email asking for donations.

Email tips for fundraising:
Email tips for fundraising part 2:
Email tips for fundraising part 3:
Email tips for fundraising part 4:

For online crowdfunding it is important to stay in touch with supporters. On this donation website, to crowd fund for a cause is a growing success thankfully due to our professional tips.

Thanks again! From the DonationTo Team!!

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