-Clouded Leopard Fundraiser

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One of the best fundraising ideas for researchers is to create an fundraising site. Sean Prockter, a researcher passionate about clouded leopards, created his fundraising site on to help fund a trip to Borneo and conduct research with clouded leopards. Prockter’s goal was to earn $2000 to travel throughout Borneo and place camera traps to study the clouded leopard population and movement. His fundraising page was able to provide a video of clouded leopards and explain the impact of his research on other organizations committed to aiding clouded leopards. As donations were received for Prockter’s research, the amounts were tracked on his page to allow Prockter and potential donors to see his progress. Those who donated $50 or more received a personal thank you letter and picture from Prockter’s trip!

When deciding how to fundraise for your cause, be it animal research or helping Nepali women, online fundraising offers a unique way to raise money. Traditional fundraising efforts from personal acquaintances and business contacts, limiting the amount of money you are able to raise and how quickly you can raise it. Through your fundraising site, describing your fundraising mission you have the potential to connect with thousands of donors throughout the world. These supporters can share a passion for your cause and quickly raise money online to meet your fundraising goals. allows you to describe your fundraising goals extensively, upload pictures and videos to help your cause and easily share your efforts using popular social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. With the click of a button donors have the ability to donate online using a credit card or bank account, making the process easy, hassle-free and very effective!

The crowdfunding for preserving nature is possible and reachable if to know how to crowd fund correctly on our donation website

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