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You have a cause you believe in, a powerful “story” to share, a great team on board, and brilliant fundraising events planned.  You’re organized, motivated and ready to get out there and start raising money. All that’s left is promoting your cause…easy, right? Well, not exactly. With even the noblest of causes and the best fundraising ideas, your hard work will be wasted unless people know about what you’re doing.

So the question arises: “How do I promote my cause?” This question brings us to today’s topic: The Importance of Blogging in Fundraising.

If you run this question by a friends and colleagues, you’ll likely receive a number of tips. From launching direct mail campaigns to calling the local newspaper to making fliers, the opportunities for generating publicity are nearly endless. But before you break out the poster board and markers, we urge you to consider implementing an online approach: blogging.  By putting together a quick and simple blog, you can leverage the web’s unprecedented ability to connect with others to promote your cause. It’s fast, inexpensive and most importantly, effective.

“Ok, but what the heck is a blog?”

If you’re not familiar with blogging, it’s easy to be intimidated, confused, or some combination of the two. Don’t worry though, blogs really aren’t complicated at all.  The term “blog” is an abbreviation of “weblog,” a term that came about in the late 1990s.  In the modern context, a blog is basically a online diary where people can share their thoughts, opinions, ideas, news, or anything else they so desire. From clothing for cats to quantum mechanics, blogs have popped up covering nearly every topic imaginable. The typical format (which you happen to be reading) is a basic page on which the author publishes a series of posts. Put simply, blogging is a simple, fast and inexpensive way to publish your thoughts whenever you want. Moreover, a blog exhibits your thoughts in an interactive format, allowing for real time feedback from your audience.

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“How does a blog improve fundraising?”

Think of blogging as your own personal newspaper…except much better. This newspaper has a potential readership of hundreds of millions of people, the publishing time is measured in only minutes, and you can include any combination of multimedia you desire. Clearly, a blog can be an incredible publicity tool when used correctly.

The two key benefits of blogging are its simplicity and social nature.

Due to the simplicity of blogging, you can quickly generate publicity on an ongoing basis. With traditional media, your documents are static. In other words, your flier just sits there and waits, your newsletter is sent out once a month, and your story in the newspaper runs for one day and then hits the recycling bin.

With blogging, on the other hand, you can generate publicity weekly, daily, or even every hour. A blog allows you to keep your community informed, engaged, and abreast of any upcoming events or updates. You can even use it to exhibit events as they occur. For example, you could post pictures showing how fun your most recent toy drive was, or video interviews of participants in last week’s marathon.

What’s more, you’re increasing the chances that your cause and its related events get noticed with each and every post.  By making your content available to anyone Googling keywords related to your cause, your blog opens the doors to scores of fresh prospective supporters. Having a blog also lets your existing supporters easily share their interest in your organization with others.  As if these reasons weren’t already compelling enough, blogging has also been proven to drive more traffic to your website.

To make a long story short, blogging allows for fast, effective and affordable publicity…and in the context of fundraising, publicity is important to reach your fundraising goal.

It’s also important to note the effects of publicity go way beyond the scope of gathering donors. Your blog is also a platform for finding volunteers, promoting events, or even just educating the public about your cause. In addition to being a channel for outbound communication, it also serves as a social forum to interact with your supporters. The availability of comments allows for a two-way conversation with readers, which is the key to cultivating relationships and receiving feedback.

“Blogging is clearly amazing…so how is it done?”

Sandra Sims over at provides an excellent step-by-step overview of how to set up a blog. As soon as you finish reading this post, you should check it out and get started on your own blog.  While you’re over there, take a look at her other posts. She’s an incredible resource on leveraging technology to help your cause achieve visibility.

As Sandra points out, there are a few basic guidelines to go by when blogging to raise money. First and foremost, you must be sure to thoroughly explain your cause.  When in doubt, too much information is better than not enough. Next, you should be sure to clarify where donors’ money goes.  People like to know exactly how and to what extent their donation is going to help.

Another important tool to leverage in your posts is links. From linking to sites relevant to your cause to linking to your DonationTo page, taking advantage of the networked structure of the web is a great way to enrich your users’ experience and cultivate a knowledge exchange.

Finally, it is crucial to maintain an ongoing stream of updates to your followers. By keeping an ongoing conversation with your donors and the community at large, you cultivate tangible relationships that drive the growth of an engaged network of supporters. To engage further ask friends, family and relevant associations if you can collaborate to create a guest post on their blog! Ensure all guest post explain the details of your cause. Provide links to where visitor can donate and be transparent with regard to where collected fund will be spent. Want to improve the quality of your blog, add relevant photos and video, remember content is king!

Blogging for spreading your crowdfunding message is actual and a helpful means in the internet era. Subscribe to our donation website and get to know how to crowd fund while keeping your blog provided by

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