James Childs Memorial Fund

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The James Childs Memorial Fund is an online fundraising campaign that was setup by family and friends after the untimely death of Mr. Childs in an avalanche. Childs left behind four children, and in order to take care of their financial needs, his friends and family decided to use DonationTo.com to raise money online. By using DonationTo paid accounts the Childs family were able to keep 100% of all donations, avoid credit card fees and save over $1,900. As any parent knows, caring for four children can place an enormous financial strain on a couple. Now that the children only have one parent, it is important for her to receive financial assistance to get the family through this difficult time. Therefore, generous friends, family members and strangers can donate online to help ensure that the children have everything that they need.


When a tragedy like this occurs, it can be very important to take the time to come up with some fundraising ideas. Unfortunately, most people feel encumbered by the fact that they do not know how to fundraise. With DonationTo.com, however, it is not necessary to have any previous online fundraising experience. In fact, the website does not require any technical skill, and there are several tools available to teach you how to fundraise.

DonationTo.com offers four account levels: free, basic, advanced and premium. Although the free account will enable you to raise money online without paying anything in advance, it does require a deduction of 5 percent of your donations and additional credit card fees. All of the other accounts, however, waive the credit card fees and let you keep 100 percent of the money that your supporters donate online.

Due to the fee structure, it is always a better idea to sign up for a paid account. After all, these accounts only cost between $9, $14 and $24, and the amount of money that you will save on fees is astronomical. For example, the James Childs Memorial Fund saved $1,900 in fees by using a paid account. If you consider how much $1,900 could do to help these four children, you will easily understand why making a small investment in the beginning is the most viable way to bring your fundraising ideas to life.

Other perks that the family and friends behind the successful James Childs Memorial Fund campaign were able to take advantage of include social networking integration and an email system. By utilizing these features, it is easy to quickly spread the word about a fundraiser. As an added bonus, you can capture the attention of a wide audience of people you have never met by getting information about the fundraiser posted to Facebook and Twitter. After all, the viral nature of these websites will encourage people to share your cause, and this will help ensure that you have a fully funded campaign.

Many people use a donation website like this to crowd fund in the memory of their passed relatives. The crowdfunding with DonationTo.com is the visible help from supporters.

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